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  ’Tucker Carlson Tonight’ host says our leaders are ‘too incompetent to care’

  This is a rush transcript from “Tucker Carlson Tonight,” July 1, 2021. This copy may not be in its final form and may be updated.


  For a full year, our children never saw one another’s faces. They didn’t see their teachers or their playmates. They were cut off. They were masked.

  Masks were mandatory in schools and in most public places. Masks were the key to fighting the great global pandemic they told us again and again. Our public health authorities repeated that every day, so our children complied with it. They had no choice.

  Very few of their parents questioned it. Adults who refused to wear mask in public were arrested for it, and that sent the clearest possible message. Shut up and do what you’re told. So people did.

  And yet, bubbling beneath the surface questions remained, they didn’t go away, questions like: do masks really keep us safe from COVID-19? What is the downside of wearing masks? There’s got to be a downside, what is it?

  And above all, why make children wear masks? What’s the point of that? We’ve known since the beginning that children aren’t at significant risk from the coronavirus nor are they meaningful vectors for spreading it. As “The Lancet” put it famously last fall, quote: “COVID-19 is a generally mild disease in children including infants.” And they’re right.

  More kids die in pool drownings every year than have died from COVID so far. According to the latest Federal numbers, just 0.06 percent of all COVID fatalities in this country have been Americans aged 18 and under. So why mandate masks in schools?

  Well, because the teachers unions demanded it, but beyond that, very few people asked. Instead, we were treated to a daily incessant drum beat from the media, “Wear a mask. Wear a mask. Wear a mask.” All good people wear masks.


  JAKE TAPPER, CNN ANCHOR: The American Academy of Pediatrics just told CNN that children under the age of 12 should be the ones who wear masks. Do you agree?

  DR. PETER HOTEZ, DEAN OF THE SCHOOL OF TROPICAL MEDICINE, BAYLOR COLLEGE OF MEDICINE: Yes, especially if they’re indoors — indoor settings bringing them into stores or restaurants.

  DR. JONATHAN REINER, CNN MEDICAL ANALYST: Those kids obviously need to keep masks on when they’re in public places particularly when they’re indoors in public places.

  DR. KAVITA PATEL, MSNBC MEDICAL CONTRIBUTOR: Think about the indoors as a risky environment. In fact if you’re going indoors with children and they’re in a setting where they don’t have a knowledge of who is vaccinated and who is not, like other kids in camps, you should have them wear masks and I’ve found that kids are actually okay with wearing masks.


  CARLSON: “I’ve found that actually kids are okay with wearing masks,” says someone identifying as a physician. In the end, that was the level of science behind this policy. Kids are easy to command, they don’t know any better. You can make them do anything, and so we did.

  They had no idea what they were talking about. There was no science behind what they said. They were just guessing and acting like it was settled, but it wasn’t. We know that now because the actual science is finally coming in.

  Our juvenile mask policy, the one imposed on the entire country by the teachers unions and their puppets in Washington turns out to be a complete disaster. It was a human tragedy in fact, on a vast scale, and it is living testament to the recklessness of our leaders.

  A new study on masks and children has been conducted by actual researchers in Germany and Poland and it was just published in “JAMA Pediatrics,” that’s the premier peer-reviewed pediatric medical journal in the world.

  That study confirms that masking children wasn’t simply unnecessary and probably counterproductive, masking children was legitimately dangerous for the children. In this study, researchers asked 45 kids between the ages of 6 and 17 to wear face masks for a very short period of time in a controlled environment. Within just three minutes, they found that kids were inhaling carbon dioxide up to more than six times the acceptable limit for adults. The younger the children, the higher the concentration of carbon dioxide.

  Almost immediately after putting a mask on a seven-year-old, that kid’s carbon dioxide level was 25,000 parts per million. How much is that? Well, it’s more than twice the level considered hazardous for adults in workplaces in this country.

  For example, the Minnesota Department of Health posted this guideline, quote: “The average concentration of carbon dioxide over an eight-hour period should not exceed 10,000 parts per million.” That kid had 25,000 parts per million. And keep in mind the guidance is for an eight-hour period.

  This study found far higher concentrations in just minutes after putting on a mask. Imagine a full school day and what it would do to a child? How about a full year of full school days? Think about that. It’s horrifying.

  And the effects are measurable and have been for a while, but they’ve been ignored.

  One large-scale survey of 25,000 children conducted in Germany found the overwhelming majority of kids reported adverse effects from wearing facemasks, some of them were serious. The effects included hypercapnia, that’s excessive CO2 in the bloodstream. That’s not surprising.

  And then many of the symptoms included profound cognitive impairment, confusion, loss of consciousness, and asphyxiation. Now, these studies shouldn’t actually surprise us. Our public health officials knew from the beginning that forcing children to wear masks could be counterproductive. In fact, they knew that mask themselves can spread disease because it had been demonstrated by the largest study of the use of surgical masks back in 2015. It was conducted by researchers in Vietnam and it proved that.

  Quote, “A trial we conducted In Vietnam of two-layered cotton cloth mask compared to medical mask showed a 13 times higher risk of infection in the cloth mask. The study suggest that cloth masks may increase the risk of infection.” Viral infection with diseases like COVID-19.

  Now findings like this have been around for a while, again, they were known to anyone who cared to check and they may explain why Tony Fauci in his private e-mails admitted that masks are indeed useless. What we all knew and we don’t need a medical degree to know is that fresh air is good because people need oxygen, but that simple point was ignored completely by the people in charge and they continued to mandate mask for children.

  What happened? Well, you know what happened. Kids began to collapse from lack of oxygen, but they didn’t care and they didn’t change their mandates. Watch the student from Oregon a few weeks ago.


  UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice over): Maggie Williams just seconds away from setting the summit school record in the 800-meter, a moment of glory overshadowed by this moment of concern. Williams finished in two minutes and eight seconds collapsing as she crossed the finish line.

  MAGGIE WILLIAMS, SUMMIT HIGH SCHOOL TRACK ATHLETE: I felt like I just wasn’t being able to get a full breath and multiple times of that happening, not being able to get enough air, it just — I just felt super dizzy and then eventually passed out.

  UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice over): Williams blames her lack of oxygen on the mask she is required to wear during competition.


  CARLSON: “She blames the lack of oxygen on the mask.” Really? What else would it be? But the ghouls of the media didn’t care. That seems like a big story, they ignored it. Instead, they suggested new and inventive ways to cut off your kid’s oxygen supply.

  Over at ABC News, one peppy little update celebrated airless personal cocoons for kids during band practice. Watch this.


  UNIDENTIFIED MALE (voice over): Wenatchee High School finding a socially distant solution to get the band back together. These so-called “pods” set up in the band and choir rooms. Individual students getting inside, zipping themselves in and then removing their masks to play their instruments or to sing.


  CARLSON: In your little pod, may that tape live forever as testament to how insane this country went over the last year, slowly asphyxiating America’s children. That’s what it was, and had all the predictable effects.

  Looking back, it is clear, with research in hand that this is a scandal. It didn’t happen naturally, it wasn’t a hurricane or a tornado. People did this. The people in charge did this. Have any of those people apologized for what they did? Have any been sanctioned? Has a single person lost a job over this? No, of course not.

  The teachers unions still control our schools. Tony Fauci is still the highest paid Federal employee in the land.

  The only people who have suffered are the ones who dared to tell the truth while it was happening, and that’s always the case.

  Back in April, we talked to a high school track coach from New Hampshire who was fired because he refused to make his athletes wear masks outside. Every student at his school and in schools across the country was required to wear a mask even when they were say, playing tennis, with no one around them.


  BRADLEY KEYES, FORMER TRACK AND FIELD COACH, PEMBROKE ACADEMY: My goal is to get these mandates removed and it’s not just track and field, it’s tennis, it’s baseball, it’s every outdoor sport. Mask will be worn all times — practices and competitions. Tennis, wonderful example. Singles tennis, you go watch practices everyone is wearing masks. Competitions, they will be wearing masks even though they’re 30 to 60 feet apart on the courts.


  CARLSON: Wearing masks outside while playing singles tennis. Kids we now know we’re being hurt by this, cognitively hurt, not to mention emotionally hurt, not that anyone cares anymore. But in the end, the only person who was punished for this was the man who complained about it. No one in charge was or ever will be punished for what they did.

  Are you surprised by that? We shouldn’t be surprised at this point. That is how rotten our ruling class has become. This is why Donald Trump was elected, despite his many faults, because on the very biggest questions, the ones that matter, questions of war, the economy, questions of public health, the people in charge create disaster after disaster after disaster and when in the end, they are caught, as they always will be caught, they admit no blame.

  Instead, they blame the public. Here’s exhibit number 450,000.

  This is Chicago Mayor Lori Lightfoot who has destroyed her city, explaining that anyone who complains about Chicago’s skyrocketing murder rate, about all the bodies piling up, anyone who mentions that is both a racist and a sexist.


  QUESTION: Mayor in recent months, there have been questions raised about your temperament and your reaction to criticism. A “Tribune” editorial used the term “irascible.” How much of this do you think might have to do with the fact that you’re a woman and specifically a black woman?

  MAYOR LORI LIGHTFOOT (D-IL), CHICAGO: About 99 percent of it.

  QUESTION: Expand on that.

  LIGHTFOOT: Well, I mean look at my predecessors. Did people say that Rich Daley held, you know, tea sessions with people that he didn’t disagree on? Rahm Emanuel was a polite guy who was a uniter. No.

  Women and people of color are always held to a different standard.


  CARLSON: People are fleeing Chicago in huge numbers because Lori Lightfoot has completely mismanaged the city. Dozens of people were shot last weekend, people are dying because of her mismanagement, but she takes no responsibility at all. None of them do. It’s always your fault.

  You wonder how long the country is going to put up with this. No wonder our leaders seem so paranoid about QAnon and the Proud Boys and all these little groups you’ve never heard of. Why are they so worried about groups that clearly pose no threat to them? Because maybe on some level, they know that if they keep acting like this like Lori Lightfoot just did, or our public health authorities have for the last year, there may be a revolution.

  These people are too incompetent, too nasty, too selfish, and too stupid to lead this country and they know that, and they’re worried about it.

  In the meantime, you’ve got to wonder about some of their other policies. If they couldn’t be bothered to notice that every child in the United States of America was suffering from oxygen starvation, they didn’t even notice, what else have they gotten wrong? Why would anyone — and it pains us to say this but it’s true — why would anyone trust public health officials ever again?

  Stephanie De Garay is one of the people asking that question. Stephanie De Garay is the mother of Maddie De Garay. Maddie De Garay is one of the very first children in this country to receive the coronavirus vaccine, it was back during the clinical trials.

  All three of Stephanie De Garay’s children, the entire family is pro- vaccine. Of course, that’s why they enrolled their daughter in the clinical trials. They wanted the vaccine. They wanted to do the right thing. And what happened?

  Well, soon after getting her second shot, Maddie De Garay became gravely ill and nearly died.


  STEPHANIE DE GARAY, MOTHER FROM CINCINNATI, OHIO, WHOSE 13-YEAR-OLD DAUGHTER, MADDIE, PARTICIPATED IN THE PFIZER COVID VACCINE TRIAL: Upon receiving the second shot, Maddie immediately felt pain at the ejection site, and over the next 24 hours, she developed severe abdominal and chest pain and the way she described the chest pain and I quote, “It feels like my heart is being ripped out through my neck.”

  Over the next two and a half months, her abdominal muscle and nerve pain became unbearable. She developed additional symptoms that included gastroparesis, nausea, and vomiting, erratic blood pressure and heart rate, memory loss. She mixes up words.


  CARLSON: She is not the only one, but physician after physician told the De Garay’s they were just imagining it, it couldn’t have been the vaccine. Most people take the vaccine are fine, some are not fine, and the people in charge lie about it and they act as if it’s not happening, so the policies don’t change.

  The teachers unions have just announced that all children in this country must be vaccinated before schools open, this despite the fact there’s overwhelming evidence that kids don’t need the vaccine. Those who have recovered from COVID, which is a lot of people, probably shouldn’t get it and could be hurt by it.

  But this is happening, so it is definitely time for the rest of us to hear more about Maddie De Garay and we’re happy that her mother Stephanie De Garay joins us now.

  Stephanie, thanks so much for coming on. So, first of all, I’m so sorry and it’s a legitimately heartbreaking story, it sounds like you and your husband acted in the best possible faith you wanted to do the right thing, you believed in the science.

  I’m fascinated by the response that you have had since from physicians as you tried to treat your daughter. What have they said to you?

  DE GARAY: So, the only diagnosis we’ve gotten for her is that it’s conversion disorder or functional neurologic symptom disorder and they’re blaming it on anxiety. Ironically, she did not have anxiety before the vaccine and the problem that we had is this was noted in her records early on.

  So anytime she saw any new specialist because it was all in the same hospital, they already had their diagnosis before they even saw her.

  CARLSON: So, this is essentially the 19th Century hysteria diagnosis. It’s her fault. I mean, they’re basically saying she has emotional problems. And I know it’s painful to do this, but for our edification please describe her symptoms. Tell us what they’re blaming on anxiety.

  DE GARAY: The anxiety? Pretty much anything that she has. So, I mean those symptoms that she had in the beginning, the big one is that stuck around is her stomach. I mean she still cannot digest food. She has an NG tube to get her nutrition. She can’t go to the bathroom without, you know all these laxatives which I’m sure aren’t doing her any good as well.

  Urinary retention, just I mean — I don’t want to go into too much detail.

  CARLSON: Right, but it’s awful it sounds like.

  DE GARAY: She was at one point having — yes, having convulsions. I mean, just all kinds of neurologic and GI issues. You name it.

  She also couldn’t walk at one point, then she could, and now after an MRI with contrast, it affected her in some way, I don’t understand why and they’re not looking into why and now she is back in a wheelchair and she can’t hold her neck up. Her neck pulls back.

  CARLSON: But the authorities — and by the way I should say, I mean, I’m not a physician, but we know factually that many people have been injured over the years by vaccines. We accept that risk when we distribute them to the population, so it’s not a crazy assumption that the vaccine is responsible for this.

  Has anyone from the Biden administration, from the drug company — anyone reached out to help you?

  DE GARAY: No. No. Not at all. They have not.

  CARLSON: Do they want to hear from you?

  DE GARAY: They have not — no, they don’t. The response with the person that is leading the vaccine trial has been atrocious and not — and we weren’t even asking for a lot, so we wanted to know what symptoms were reported and we couldn’t even get an answer on that. It was just that we report to Pfizer and they’d report to the F.D.A. That’s all we got.

  CARLSON: So, Pfizer hasn’t reached out to you to help in any way or to explain what might be happening with your daughter.


  CARLSON: Yes, well, I hope they suffer for that.

  DE GARAY: No. They are saying it is functional neurologic disorder. Yes.

  CARLSON: Yes. Last question and I appreciate you doing this interview, Stephanie. How has this changed your views? I mean, you obviously went into this with full faith in the vaccine or you wouldn’t have exposed your daughter to it. How do you feel now?

  DE GARAY: So I am still pro-vaccine, but I’m also pro-informed consent like we — I feel like there’s a possibility they knew this, well probably a strong possibility and I feel like everybody else should know about this and it’s being pushed down and hidden.

  There was a Facebook support group just to be able to help people cope and deal with what’s going on because they’re not getting help and it was shut down. I mean, it’s just not right, it’s —


  DE GARAY: So, I’m still pro-vaccine, but I think that they need to do research and figure out why this happened especially to people in the trial, I thought that was the point of it, and they need to come up with something that’s going to treat these people early because all they’re going to do is keep getting worse.

  I’ve had billions — not billions — but a lot of people reach out to me, some from the vaccine — a lot from the current vaccine, and some from other vaccines, so —

  CARLSON: I’m grateful that you did this interview. Thank you. People have a right to know. They have a right to be treated like adults.

  DE GARAY: Thank you.

  CARLSON: Stephanie de Garay, thank you.

  DE GARAY: Thank you.

  CARLSON: So, we were told before the presidential election that sure, Hunter Biden may have been jetting around the world using his father’s name to make millions of dollars from foreign governments, but Joe Biden had no idea. He just literally had no idea, it’s his son. He wasn’t involved in any way.

  That was a lie it turns out. And now, we know it.

  We’ve got more evidence after the break.


  CARLSON: Hunter Biden spent years bumming around the world using his father’s name to raise money from foreign governments. But Joe Biden has said, he had literally no idea this was going on, even though his son and his brother were making a fulltime living using his name and his connections. He had no idea.

  But of course, he knew, and late last year, we proved it. We talked to a business associate of Hunter Biden. He is a man called Toni Bobulinski and he laid it out for us.


  CARLSON: The former Vice President has said he had no knowledge whatsoever of his son’s business dealings and was not involved in them at all, but this sounds like direct involvement in them.

  TONY BOBULINSKI, FORMER HUNTER BIDEN ASSOCIATE: Yes, that’s a blatant lie, when he states that, that is a blatant lie. Obviously, the world is aware that I attended the debate last Thursday and in that debate, he made a specific statement around questions around this from the President and I’ll be honest with you, I almost stood up and screamed “liar” and walked out because I was shocked that after four days or five days that they prepped for this that the Biden family is taking that position to the world.


  CARLSON: So last fall before the election, Democrats suggested that Tony Bobulinski was making that up, maybe he was a Russian agent. But he wasn’t making it up, he was telling the truth and now, there’s new photographic evidence that shows Tony Bobulinski was right and Biden did know a lot more than he claimed to know.

  Josh Boswell is a Senior News Reporter with, we’re happy to have him join us tonight. Josh, thanks so much for coming on.

  What do we know?

  JOSH BOSWELL, SENIOR NEWS REPORTER, DAILYMAIL.COM: Right. So, this latest story, I think is one of the most important that we’ve found so far on Hunter Biden’s abandoned laptop.

  Hunter was working on some multimillion dollar business deals with a couple of Mexican billionaires Carlos Slim being one of them and what he did was arranged for multiple meetings in the White House and in the Vice President’s residence with Joe Biden and these Mexican billionaires that he was working on business deals with.

  We don’t know what they spoke about, but they had these meetings. We’ve got photographic and e-mail evidence of that. Not only that, but Joe Biden also had Hunter and his business partner fly on Air Force 2 to Mexico for these meetings.

  So, that’s some serious evidence that we have there that raises some serious questions.

  The most shocking thing is that Hunter then spelt out an apparent quid pro quo in an e-mail where he writes to one of these billionaires saying, hey, I’ve brought you to the White House. I’ve arranged meetings for you with my dad, and now I want you to meet us in Mexico and we’ve been working on these business deals together. You’ve let me come to your villa. He spells it all out, it’s right there in black and white.

  CARLSON: Now, I know he didn’t trespass at the Capitol on January 6th like an insurrectionist, but this seems like illegal influence peddling to me. The fact that he was on Air Force 2 seems like misuse of Federal funds. Some of these things seem like crimes. We were told that he was under investigation by the Department of Justice, is he still? Whatever happened? The slowest moving case in human history.

  Whatever happened to that? Do you know?

  BOSWELL: We don’t know what the progress is on that investigation. The last Hunter said anything about it, he said he was under investigation for his taxes by the D.O.J. and the I.R.S., but they may be looking at his foreign influence as well, and you know these kinds of e-mails and photographs raise serious questions that the White House is refusing to answer.

  CARLSON: Yes, this country’s getting too corrupt. You can’t have a corrupt country that’s a happy country. Josh, I appreciate you coming on with that. Amazing. Thank you.

  BOSWELL; Thank you.

  CARLSON: So, an update in the Britney Spears story, she has requested to be released from something called a conservatorship — I can’t pronounce it — she’s under the control of others. She is not being treated like an adult. Can’t have kid, can’t get married.

  One of the few people who understands what this means from personal experience is Kerri Kasem, she is the daughter of the late radio host, Casey Kasem and she joins us next to tell us what this is about. We’ll be right back.


  CARLSON: We were on the North Korean state media website yesterday. It was pretty interesting. They announced a visit by comrade leader Kim Jong-un to the Pyongyang Trolley Bus Factor.

  Kim, the story begins quote, “… looked around in different places of the factory including processing motor and bus assembly workshops to acquaint himself with their modernization and the actual condition of production. Then he expressed great satisfaction with the fact that the factory established an integrated manufacturing system properly manufactured modern equipment by itself and supplemented itself with new equipment.”

  The story went on like this for several paragraphs. Pretty florid. You will not be surprised to learn it was not a hard-hitting piece; on the other hand, it wasn’t “Vogue.” They didn’t go that far.

  When it comes to authentic state media cult of personality hero worship, the propagandists in North Korea’s communist party news agency look on in awe at the reporters of “Vogue” Magazine in New York.

  The “Vogue” guys do Stalinism the old-fashioned way. They are all in. They barely use verbs, it’s all smoldering hot superlatives.

  Consider the new “Vogue” profile of Dr. Jill Biden, the scholar, scientist, states person, civil rights icon, healer, mother of a nation, eternally the First Lady of our hearts — we could go on, but “Vogue” already did.

  Dr. Jill we learned from “Vogue” is quote, ” … driven, tireless, effortlessly popular, but also someone who reminds us of ourselves.” That’s right, she is us, but better. As “Vogue” puts it, “She’s every inch a goddess,” and a very busy goddess.

  At one point, we find Dr. Jill in reading glasses on Air Force One preparing for her negotiations with other world leaders of the G7. You go, Dr. Jill. You don’t need to be elected to lead our country.

  Back in the United States, Dr. Jill barely pauses to slip into yet another glamorous outfit before heading off to administer life-saving vaccines to any American who wants one and even some who don’t. Dr. Jill is a doctor, first and foremost.

  In one scene from the “Vogue” piece, Dr. Jill cradles the arms of nervous women as they get the jab. “Look at me,” she coos reassuringly, “It doesn’t hurt.” That’s right, it’s only Kool-Aid, drink the whole cup.

  As Dr. Jill puts it with her signature modesty, you try to lift up other people.

  Who is this amazing woman? This servant, saint, humanitarian, genius, medical missionary who still somehow has managed to stay beguilingly sexy at 69? What did America do to deserve her?

  Well, thankfully, “Vogue” answers that question. Dr. Jill, the magazine declares is a quote, “Joy multiplier.” She multiplies joy. That’s what she does. It’s who she is.

  And by the way, Dr. Jill also shot an 18 on the golf course last week, played the whole round in 22 minutes in between vaccinations and international treaty signings. It was a typical day for Dr. Jill.

  Back in North Korea, they must have read the latest issue of “Vogue” with their jaws open. A joy multiplier? Joy brigade, sure, but joy multiplier? That might be too far even for the Kim family.

  North Korea may be a Hermit Kingdom, but even they are not that stupid.

  Well on Wednesday, a judge in Los Angeles denied a motion to remove Britney Spears’s father as the conservator of her estate. To understand how this is possible and what it means exactly and why it’s happening in this country, we’re going to talk now to Kerri Kasem. She is the daughter of the late radio host, Casey Kasem.

  Casey Kasem was placed under a conservatorship toward the end of his life. Kerri Casem says that situation was badly mishandled. She saw it firsthand, so now she’s fighting for new laws on conservatorships.

  She joins us tonight.

  Kerri, thanks so much for coming on. Since you’ve seen it firsthand, if you could just briefly describe what is a conservatorship exactly?

  KERRI KASEM, DAUGHTER OF THE LATE RADIO HOST, CASEY KASEM: A conservatorship/guardianship, there’s different ways you can be in them, whether it’s the conservator of the person, conservator of the finances, but mostly it takes all of your Civil Rights away and many human rights away, so when we get calls at my Foundation Kasem Cares, people are like, “I can’t see my mom. I can’t see my dad. They can’t call me. They are being over medicated. They are made to do things they don’t want to do.”

  So, a dog has more rights than somebody in a conservatorship or a guardianship. It’s pretty scary to be in one and to try and get out of one is almost impossible.

  CARLSON: Who put — I mean, again this is all new to me and pardon my ignorance, I’m just surprised that this happens on any kind of scale in the United States. You think of this as the kind of thing that maybe if someone is in a coma, control over that person’s life falls to others.

  But as I understand it, well clearly, in the case of Britney Spears, a conservatorship can be placed on someone who is walking around, logical, making sense holding a job. How does that happen?

  KASEM: Unfortunately, it happens because you have predatory lawyers, predatory guardians, judges that don’t make correct decisions, and they put people who have competency in these guardianships.

  They sell their homes — what we say in in the advocacy world is you over medicate and you isolate, over medicate, you steal the estate, and this happens. It’s legal trafficking of the vulnerable and the elderly and it happens if somebody goes to a doctor they have a slight form of dementia, oh no, this person can’t take care of themselves, they need help.

  And instead of contacting the family members to help, the for-profit guardian or lawyer goes to the judge and say, you know let me be guardian of this person, and without talking to that person, without any kind of uh fair, I guess you could say, trial, they put somebody under guardianship and take every single civil right away from them.

  That person who is the guardian becomes that person, so they make all the decisions on their behalf even if they’ve never met them.

  CARLSON: And you can loot the money at that point.

  KASEM: Lose the money, you lose everything. You lose everything you’ve ever worked for. You don’t work your whole life to give money to somebody, first of all, you don’t want to give to like as in the case of Britney Spears. She didn’t want her father being conservator. It was the only thing she said.

  You know she said, you know, okay we’ll do this conservatorship in the beginning, but please don’t make Jamie, my father my guardian, and it’s been 13 years, and she has asked over and over again for him to be removed.

  But like you’ve seen, she can’t get pregnant, she can’t hang out with her friends, she can’t, you know see her sons when she wants to see her sons. She can’t go shopping. She has to work when told to work. She is threatened with taking away her family.

  This is human rights violations.

  I work with a human rights group called United for Human Rights and Youth for Human Rights and I mean, her — more than six or seven human rights have been violated including the right to freedom, the right to play, the right to family and marriage, the right to no torture.

  CARLSON: Well I didn’t know this was happening and you explained it so very well. I appreciate that. Kerri Kasem joining us tonight. Thank you.

  So, J.D. Vance has been on this show a lot. He is a frequent guest, we are always glad to have him. He has just made a major announcement tonight. He is getting involved in politics at a high level.

  He joins us in a moment to explain what he is doing. We’ll be right back.



  J.D. VANCE, AUTHOR, “HILLBILLY ELEGY”: I think what we need in Washington is people who understand how the elites plunder this country and then blame us for it in the process.

  We need people in Washington, D.C. who knows how the system works, who knows how to reform that system, and you can make this country better. And that’s why I’m running to be your next U.S. senator from the State of Ohio.


  CARLSON: J.D. Vance became famous several years ago. He’s a lawyer and a businessman. But he wrote one of the bestselling books in the country. It was a kind of memoir. He spent a lot of time on this show, and as you just saw, he announced hours ago that he is running for a U Senate seat from the State of Ohio.

  He is entering the Republican primary along with several other candidates to replace the retiring Senator Rob Portman.

  J.D. Vance joins us for his first interview since that announcement. Congratulations, J.D., this is — why are you doing this? You’ve had this successful life, and now you’re moving into the tough, very tough business of politics. Why?

  VANCE: Well, because I care about this country, and I care about the state, Tucker. If you think about the entire trajectory of American life over the last 30 to 40 years, you have elites and the ruling class that have plundered this country, that have made it harder for middle class Americans to live a normal life.

  And when those Americans dare to complain about the conditions of their own country, if they dare to complain about the southern border, or about jobs getting shipped overseas, what do they get called? They get called racist. They get called bigots, xenophobes, or idiots.

  They need somebody who is willing to speak for them, who is willing to fight for them. And I just want normal Americans to know, they still have a voice in this country. They love this country, but they should be able to criticize it when it’s not working for them, and right now, it’s just not.

  CARLSON: I love that. This is not false flattery. I don’t think I’ve ever met anybody who understands both worlds as well as you do. You grew up there in a very working class environment, then you wound up at Yale Law School, in a completely different world. And you really, I think, understand what’s gone wrong with the country, but you’re an intellectual and a writer. Are you ready for the nastiness of politics? It’s a totally different world.

  VANCE: You know, I’m ready for the nastiness of politics, Tucker, because I think it’s worth going through that nastiness to actually do something worthwhile.

  I have two boys. I love those kids. I want them to live in the same great country that I lived in. And if we don’t do something, if we don’t fight back against what’s going on in our country, they’re going to lose it, they’re going to grow up in a country that’s much poorer, that’s much dirtier, that’s much uglier, and where they can’t even speak their mind as citizens.

  So yes, I’m getting attacked by it. I’ve already been attacked by even since the announcement, CNN is going after me, the establishment Republicans have gone after me. The leadership, of course of the other campaigns have gone after me, even Tim Ryan, the Democrat has gone after me.

  It’s time to fight back though. If you’re not willing to wade through a little crap to save this country, then you’re not willing to stand up on the big stage, and I am.

  CARLSON: Yes, because they know you’re an actual threat, because you really do have their number for real. How have national Republicans — I know that at time — I mean, you’re a Republican, you’re running as a Republican. At times, you’ve been disappointed by the National Party. How have they responded?

  VANCE: Well, I think so far, a lot of them are frustrated, and they are a little upset with me because I actually say what’s true, which is that many of these people don’t care about their own voters. They think they’re either bigoted, or they think they’re stupid. They don’t understand their job in this country is to protect their own voters, to serve their best interests.

  So, a lot of establishment Republicans, just like a lot of the mainstream press, a lot of the corporate media, they’re against me, they’re against me, and they’re going to be against me and that’s fine.

  CARLSON: They are going to hit you pretty hard. I mean, you expect that?

  VANCE: They’re going to hit me very hard. They’re going to come after my family. They’re going to come after me personally, but you know what? I think it’s worth it. Right, Tucker?

  This is a country that I know you love, I love, and it is worth it to wade through this stuff. I think I can take a punch in the jaw. As you know, I come from pretty rough circumstances, I did not come from an easy life, and I think that prepared me to actually take on the challenge of attacking the people who are trying to destroy this country. I’m excited to do it.

  CARLSON: Yes, I probably shouldn’t say this, I’m really glad you’re doing it. J.D. Vance, I admire you and I wish you luck, very much. Thank you for doing this. Congratulations.

  VANCE: Thanks. Thanks so much, Tucker. Please go to to sign up and find out how to help us. Thanks, Tucker.

  CARLSON: See you.

  Well, we spent an entire hour, one of the reasons — I am not embarrassed to say, I admire J.D. Vance is because we spent over an hour talking to him about his life, really an interesting conversation. It’s on “Tucker Carlson Today” at FOX nation, if you want to watch.

  Well, so the N.S.A. has been spying on the show. They’ve effectively admitted that. We’re not the first people it’s happened to, not by a longshot. Sharyl Attkisson was a journalist over at CBS and she knows her computer had been bugged. She was denounced as a wacko, a conspiracy theorist. Right? She joins us to explain what happened, next.


  CARLSON: We announced this week that one of the Biden administration’s spy agencies has been reading our e-mails, because it’s true, they have been. We were immediately denounced as conspiracy theorists, we are liars, as if you’d lie about something like that.

  But no one who pays attention should be surprised. This has happened for a long time.

  During the Obama administration, former N.S.A. contractor Edward Snowden went public with proof that the N.S.A. had developed a system that could capture the personal communications of everyone in the country, and in response to that, Joe Biden warned other countries not to give him asylum.

  Investigative journalist and TV host Sharyl Attkisson has direct personal experience with the surveillance state. She says her computer was hacked by the Obama administration when she was a CBS reporter. She was of course mocked for that, too. But we take her seriously. She joins us now.

  Sharyl, thanks so much for coming on. So, I remember very well when people said, oh, Sharyl Attkisson is crazy. I never thought that, but I did notice that they jumped on you, others in the media for just reporting what happened to you. Remind us, what did happen to you?

  SHARYL ATTKISSON, FORMER CBS NEWS REPORTER: Well, that was a propaganda campaign because remember, CBS News officially announced the computer intrusion, so there was no doubt that it took place. But that began a long period of time where a certain interest tried to make this sound controversial.

  What happened was that I learned, had no idea that I was being spied on, but through inside sources that this was the case, and because of my connections, was able to get forensic proof, airtight forensic proof and evidence, as well as affidavits from a former F.B.I. Unit Chief who is a lawyer from an N.S.A. cyber expert and others in addition to the forensics, and it showed that they were monitoring my keystrokes.

  They had access the CBS proprietary new system through the VPN. They were accessing my files and photos, including “Fast and Furious,” and somebody downloaded classified documents onto that CBS News computer.

  So this is — there’s no doubt that any of it happened, but trying to get accountability for it is next to impossible as I’ve learned. I still have an active case in court all these years later. But it’s very hard to get anywhere.

  CARLSON: I just — I’m fixated on this idea that other journalists rather than — I mean, you worked at CBS News, fully mainstream news organization. They didn’t come to your side at all. They made fun of you and never followed up on the story. Why do you think that is? I was really shocked by that.

  ATTKISSON: Well, behind the scenes, I was contacted by a lot of journalists who didn’t mock or make fun. In fact, they thought that they were likely being monitored, too. But again, I’ve written books, as you know, Tucker, around the weight and the power of the propaganda campaigns that now permeate the media on behalf of political and corporate interests, and this was no different than any of the others.

  It kind of reminds me of the propaganda campaign in which the media took part in initially that said, that lab theory of COVID-19 origins had been debunked. Of course, it hadn’t. And anybody with commonsense knew that, but that was pervasive in the media.

  So likewise, with these narratives, too, I think what you’re hearing on so much of the news or being reported in the media isn’t what people say to themselves when they are using commonsense or when they have sources like you and I do, but that’s just what you hear so much of in the media.

  CARLSON: Sharyl Attkisson, you are brave and you are honest, and I’m glad you’re still in the media. Very, very glad. Thanks for joining us tonight. We appreciate it.

  ATTKISSON: Thanks, Tucker.

  CARLSON: Well, we are out of time. Sadly, an hour just like that. But we’ll be back every week night, 8:00 p.m., the show that is the sworn and totally sincere enemy of lying, pomposity, smugness, and groupthink.

  Have a great evening. Dan Bongino is sitting in for Sean Hannity tonight. Don Bongino is a great guy and he is going to do a great job.

  And so with that, ladies and gentlemen, 18 seconds early, Dan Bongino.

  DAN BONGINO, FOX NEWS CONTRIBUTOR: Thanks, Tucker. That’s very generous of you. Thanks for the time. Appreciate it. Have a great night.

  CARLSON: Of course.

  BONGINO: Great show and great story on that childhood mask study. I covered that on my show today, too. Folks, it’s a huge story.

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