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[assassin’s creed rating]Assassin’s Creed Valhalla’s Ostara Festival Event Extended Following Bug Fixes


  1OlmazTue 6th Apr 2021

  Any news on when we can expect the next patch for AC Valhalla? The number of “known issues” that are “investigated” is frankly shameful for a game like that… see this:

  Also, for those who couldn’t access their Immortals Fenyx Rising DLC, a new patch has been published just now that fixes it.



  2ShogunRokTue 6th Apr 2021

  @Olmaz All we know for sure is that Wrath of the Druids is out on the 29th April, and I personally don’t think Ubisoft will wait for the inevitable DLC update in order to provide fixes for all those bugs.

  I assume that a mostly bug fixing update will be released at some point over the next couple of weeks… And hopefully it doesn’t introduce more problems.



  32centsTue 6th Apr 2021

  Wake me up when this game is actually finished. Should have been taken off PS store just like Cyberpunk with the number of patches and list of issues I’ve seen over the months!



  4Atreus97Tue 6th Apr 2021

  First three comments answered the question I was about to ask. I really wanna buy this game but would rather wait until the bugs are squashed!



  5OlmazTue 6th Apr 2021

  @2cents Yeah i I made the mistake of buying this AC before every DLC is out because I got a good sale for the Gold Edition, but I really regret it now. That’s a lesson finally learn : I always buy my games when they go on sale, but for Ubisoft games, I’ll will never again buy them before something like a year has passed.

  I pity all the people that buy games at launch : incomplete, buggy, not optimized things… why would anyone do that (except for online games where the community and the live events are paramount)?

  Frankly, this is also where the gaming media outlets should do a better work : making these issues better known, especially during the review time frame, and constantly confronting developers/publishers about it… but then I’m not sure that this kind of outlet would be sustainable in this industry…



  6FuturesharkTue 6th Apr 2021

  Stuck in my pile of shame, waiting for confirmation it’s not buggy as hellheim still.



  7djlardWed 7th Apr 2021

  @Futureshark @Atreus97 I don’t know, but I’m about 50 hours in and encountered maybe 2 major bugs where sidequest didn’t finished until restart and replay (each about 2 minutes long). Only bigger issue is if you are not native english speaker (or at least very good in english) you easily get stuck in quests, because there is no tracking. Simply, if you start quest and don’t understand or don’t catch what they want, you are screwed, because you cannot track, restart or speak again with quest holder.



  8OlmazWed 7th Apr 2021

  @The_Real_JMK And you know what is very frustrating : Valhalla is the most successful AC game to date (see : Why would they change when everyone’s buying in?

  And the game has a metacritic score almost the same as Origins and Odyssey (see[72496]=1&search_type=advanced. This is why I say the media outlets are not doing their job telling people to wait before buying the games and rating said games accordingly. I was delighted to see on PushSquare an article about the PS4/PS5 port of Disco Elysium telling us to wait, I’d be very glad to see that for games from major AAA publishers too…


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