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[Almonds Good for You]Good for you is not just good for you,It’s awkward!

  When you hear foreigners say to you

  ”Good for you”

  May want to express meaning

  Not “for you”

  Like Chinese,

  Many practical meaning of spoken English

  There is a big difference in different contexts.

  Sometimes it may even express

  It’s just the opposite meaning.

  Study together.

  Good for you

  Simple “good for you”,The meaning in the speaking is: encouragement; congratulations,Equivalent to congratulation.


  I finally passed my test!

  I finally passed the exam!

  OH, Good for you.


  It is worth noting thatThe good for you can express “encouragement; congratulations”.According to different contexts and tone,It can also be ironic to the words that others say.It is equivalent to “you are happy.”



  My boyfriend bought me a Gucci bag.

  Good for you.

  as long as you are happy.(Inner heart: 嘚 嘚 啥 ~~)


  ”Just” in English?

  When a friend asks what you want to eat or want to play,Many students will come to a Buddha’s oral “casual”. But in English,Want to express “casual” can’t say whatver,UnpreteentallyBecause in the foreigner, it is:Love it.How should I express it?


  It’s up to you.

  Listen to you.

  I’m cool with anything.

  I am going.

  I’m down for anything.

  I don’t pick it,What can be.

  ”Do you have a brain into the water?” How do you say it in English?

  ”The brain into the water” in Chinese,There are similar expressions in foreigners.That is: the brain enters the stone you got rocks in your head.


  I want to quit tomorrow.

  I would like to resign tomorrow.

  What? YOU GOT ROCKS IN your head?

  what? Is your brain into the water?

  It can also be expressed in this way:


  Is there solehing wrong with you?

  Do you have problems?

  Are you crazy?

  Are you crazy?