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[RE 0]RE: 0 plot set high energy,Produce also super god,Baihuo City comes in boast!

  Subsequent in January,There are two major “agreed dream island” and “about me to become a stable”. “Both double “corpse rice”,The former is not how long is it for a long time?The latter is more broadcasting.However, to “RE: from zero-starting world life” is fierce,This is 9.8 points is really low!Every episode can be said to be in Feng!Just take the 23rd episode production,It is completely cracking from the quality of newprons in January!

  Episode 23 can be said that the man and the woman’s things are notFlash points are completely gathered in the intestine sister, Jiayi, Scorpion, Ram,The four-person battle can be said to be the most burning from the first season.Intestinal sister and Jiayi’s mortar,Let people feel the intelligence love of the “BT” of the intestine sister.I also feel that Jiayi is determined to fight the battle.And the battle on the other is the scorpion and Ram.Rama is unswerving,There is also a special scorpion.In addition to Ai Ji Dona,Other women will not consider.This has to be said,The author is too strong.A pair of will win,A pair of affordable affection is mainly.result,On the side of the law,The other is exactly collecting a lunch box.When I saw the 23rd episode,I thought that Ram was sacrificed.It’s good to get a lot of friends in front.Ram is still alive!This finally felt the happiness that was spoiled!This 23st episode, outside the high-combustion plot,No one is on the screen.A TV version of the animation,I actually produced the visual effect like the live movie version.The uninnished picture,Background music is matched.Especially the trick of Ram and the scorpion,Too exciting.When Ram put the monster’s most loved thing to the fire,The expression of the scorpion is absolutelyThis is not watching the performance of “fake people”.Is a real person,Expression, body movements make the audience feel the despair of the scorpion at the time.The kind of crash is powerful,To the final outbreak.Therefore, it is responsible for “RE: from the zero-started foreign world life” Baihuo,It is worth it to give a capital admire.It can make this all episodes.It is simply to change this to “RE: from zero starting world life.”Abbreviate “Feng Shen Bang”,Completely deserved!