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[Rem Re Zero Anime]I believe me,When you have finished reading this article,I guarantee that you will never want baby-like sleep


  Think of a segment.

  A: “Are you sleeping well last night?”

  B: “Baby sleep.”

  A: “Wow,so good!”

  B: “What is it.Sleep a while,Wake up,I am not sleepy now!”

  Many people have finished reading this segment,Laughing and fact,Behind this segment is scientifically.

  If you go to the e-commerce or shopping mall,Always see advertisements for sleep related products,There is a lot of words: Let you have a baby-like sleep.

  The meaning of the business is of course, I said my product,Can let you sleep well.But the problem is,Does the baby sleep really suitable for everyone?

  Let me talk about answers:

  Baby sleep is only suitable for babies,For adults,Baby sleep is not too miserable.

  Why do you say that?This should be started from the sleep structure from the baby and adult.


  For adults,The entire sleep process is divided into 4 phases:







  REM is the first letter of English Rapid Eye Movement,Translation called “quick eye sleep”,As the name suggests,At this stage,Your eyeball will move quickly.Absolute most vivid dreams occur in the REM period.

  N1, N2 and N3 are non-fast eye sleep (NREM).among them,N1 and N2 are shallow sleep,N3 is deep sleep.

  After the bed,Adult first entered the N1 period,Then N2, N3,The back is over to the REM; then returns to N2 and N3.

  During the whole sleep process,NREM and REM will alternate each other,The once a cycle is approximately 90 minutes – that is, the so-called sleep cycle.

  Overall,Deep sleep is approximately 15-20%,REM accounts for about 20% -25%,The remaining most parts are N1 and N2 shallow sleep.

  and so,Don’t say that you have too little sleep next time,It is so much under normal circumstances.

  When you are in N3 (deep sleep),You will sleep special,Even if you thunder outside, you wake up.

  When alternate to other sleep stages,You will sleep more shallow,It is easy to wake up relatively.For sensitive you,You may have a wake up with people around you.

  That is to say,Conservative estimate,You can easily wake up every 90 minutes.It is easy to wake up 5 times a most cases,You can’t make this wake up; sometimes,You will know that you wake up.

  If you sleep well,I didn’t feel that I woke up so many times in the middle of the night.Explain that your sleep structure is very good,No interference by other factors.

  If you wake up twice or more in the night,Explain that some factors affect your sleep quality,For example, the sleep environment is not good,Physical disease,Serious snoring,Or emotional pressure, etc.


  Baby sleep structure is different from adults.


  The first difference: sleep time is very long – 16-18 hours a day.

  I will ask you,As an adult,Are you willing to spend so long to stay in bed?Don’t worry?

  The second difference: Rem sleeps more.The baby will enter REM sleep at the beginning of sleep.Moreover, the REM proportion accounts for 50% -60%.

  Just said,The REM period is the main stage of dreaming.I will ask you,Are you willing to spend more than half a dream?

  The third difference: Short sleep cycle.

  From birth,Sleep cycles are usually 20-35 minutes.With the gradual maturity of the baby,Sleep cycles will extend to 30-45 minutes.When sleep transitions to REM,Baby either slide into deep sleep,Either wake up.

  The key question is,Baby is very easy to wake up.One reason is that the baby is hard to enter the sleep cycle.I have to sleep.Another reason is thatBaby needs eating,Need to change diapers,Anyway, you need you to take care.

  I will ask you,You are willing to say like a paragraph.Wake up every 20 minutes?

  Don’t want to sleep in bed for 18 hours,I don’t want to spend half a time to dream,I don’t want to wake up every 20 minutes.Then why do you want to pursue “baby-like sleep”?


  Since adults don’t need baby sleep,How should I do to have good sleep?

  Remember 4 words:


  Don’t work

  Buddha,Just pay attention to sleep at night.You can’t be too hard, you can’t sleep.The more force you,The more urgent,The more you can’t sleep.Sleep, sleep,I can’t sleep,It is so domineering.

  Don’t “make”,It is a good sleep habit of developing.It is also known as sleep hygiene.For example, don’t drink, don’t drink.Don’t brush your phone for a long time.Holidays should be stable,I don’t want too much.

  If these are all done,Still can’t sleep well,Then prompt some health problems in influence your sleep,At this time, I have to see a doctor.

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