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[Jackie CHAN COBRA KAI]Sai Bohi 2077 no player tried to play Demo protagonist V friends Jackie was unfortunate

  The latest power of CDPR “Saibu Depel 2077” will be officially released on November 19 after experiencing two jumps.But recently,Some netizens asked if they would launch public version to try Demo,Official expression is not,At the same time, it also implies that the protagonist V is missed.


  Player Lettii asked in Twitter: Have you considered a try Demo?For example, it is a similar role creator or a 30-minute game experience.

  ”Sai Boji 2077″ official twice: Sorry,No.Creating a public demo DEMO requires a lot of resources and performing a lot of testing.


  Previously, “Saibu 2077” once made the media demo to Demo.But that version has a lot of bugs,It is not suitable for all players to all players as public DEMOs.At present, the game body has been jumped 2 times.It also needs to be polished,It is estimated that there is no power to make a DEMO.

  In addition,Another netizen streetkidv asked: You said (no demo) is a bit reason.But the small partner Jackie of the trailer V.Finally, let’s live?

  ”Sai Boji 2077″ official twice: We may have some misfortune to tell you.


  It is impossible to see the official reply.Jackie did not survive after injury.”Sai Boji 2077″ will land on the PS4, Xbox One, Stadia and PC on November 19,The next generation host PS5 and Xbox Series X will be landed in the future.