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[Flowers Scott Pilgrim]Xiao Bao Jewel Happy Hearts series launched a new topic – Flowers

  2021 Xiaobang Jewel Happy Hearts Series New Season Work “Flowers”,Continued brand iconic “heart shaped” elements and “crystal” structures.The new series is the theme of “flowers”,Made a pendant, bracelet, ring, a total of 4 single items,Each jewelry is available in red, diamond or pearl breed.Can be worn separately,It can also be superimposed with the styles of other colors.


  The Happy Hearts series has never been broken with the wonderful 邂逅 between the two iconic symbols between Chopard Xiao Bang since the birth: Heart shaped and smart diamonds always shape,They or uncommon or make up the butterfly wings,It seems that a tacit cache is a madman double dance.

  Both two symbols that are considered brand symbols – colored heart shaped and legendary smart diamonds,Launched a series of works created by these women,As if the real amulet isLet the wearer can enjoy the charming brilliance in everyday life or in the formal occasion.


  New work combines heart-shaped patterns and diamonds.Exquisite and extremely soft flowers pattern,The new vitality of the source is incompatible for the series.Petals are inlaid by custom cut heart shaped gems,Gem slices are slightly hitting,Have excellent three-dimensional,Rui is integrated into the Slopard of Chopard, and the structure of the crystal.Embed two sapphire crystal flakes on the gold circle,An in the center is placed.05CT package inlay,Slide with the worker’s movements,The style is exquisite and full of natural vitality.

  Three materials can be selected throughout the series,Natural white pearl motherbei lined with rose gold,Female feminine; red gem with rose gold,The color is stunned and charming; Platinum is matched with a circular diamond.Bright fireline and the diamonds in the crystal cassette,Display the visual effect of the flow of flowers.