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[MXGP 2020 XBOX One]Microsoft Simulation Flight 2020 does not exclude the adaptation Xbox One game host

  IT Home January 22 news “Microsoft Simulation Flight 2020” (hereinafter referred to as MFS) updated 2020 version in August 2020,The picture quality is better and the content is richer.Up to 2020,The official said that the total number of players in this game reached 2 million.The total number of flying frames in the game exceeds 50 million times.JORG Neumann, the person in charge of this game, recently received foreign media EUROGAMER interviews,The MFS will not exclude the possible possible possibilities for the Adapted Xbox One Series Game.


  The person in charge said in an interview; “” The old host is a time problem.Obviously, larger memory capacity is very important for this game.Especially the ultimate image quality mode,Therefore, there is no problem with the meeting of the next generation game host.But there are some difficulties in the old Xbox One.We will give priority to the adaptation of Xbox Series X / S,The next goal will then be established.We will not exclude the possibility of adapting the Xbox One model,But now talk about the plan or is early.”


  At present, MFS 2020 can run smoothly on the PC,And the adaptation of VR has been completed.At the same time, the running efficiency of the game has been improved.Computers in low-end configurations can also try to run.About Xbox Series X / S version,The person in charge said that the host version and the PC version will be very similar,The MOD content of the game community can also be obtained on the host.The MFS team will be committed to the PC / game machine version of the experience,Also meet the needs of a lot of novices,A more detailed tutorial is provided on the Xbox version.


  IT House has previously reported that”Microsoft Simulation Flight 2020″ is scheduled to land Xbox Series X / S this summer.And the XGP subscription users can also be obtained directly.