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Resident Evil comes to the world of Dead by Daylight, with Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis now a playable killer. Here’s what to expect from the Tyrant.

By Sam Stone

Published 3 days ago


With the enormously popular horror video game franchises Dead by Daylight and Resident Evil both celebrating their own respective anniversaries this year, several of Resident Evil’s biggest characters are coming in a crossover for the asymmetrical horror title. In addition to franchise mainstays Jill Valentine and Leon S. Kennedy as new survivors, Resident Evil 3’s Nemesis has been added as a new killer.

Dubbed in the game as The Tyrant, Nemesis comes with its own?perks and gameplay innovations that show there’s plenty of life left in this venerable video game and that Resident Evil and Dead By Daylight are a match made in Hell. Here’s everything you need to know playing Dead by Daylight as Nemesis.

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The Nemesis T-Type was part of the sinister Umbrella Corporation’s line of Tyrants, genetically engineered bioweapons possessing superhuman abilities and an immense amount of resilience to conventional weaponry. Nemesis was programmed by Umbrella specifically to track down and kill surviving S.T.A.R.S. officers, pursuing Jill through Raccoon City as the Midwestern locale descended into a full-on zombie apocalypse.

The Tyrant comes into Dead by Daylight with two major changes to the killer’s strategy: The most apparent is the game’s introduction of NPC enemies, with maps populated by zombies when Nemesis is selected as the killer. Zombies can?infect?any survivor they attack and injure any infected survivor while survivors can destroy zombies by dropping pallets or using select perks of their own; zombies repopulate the map periodically. The second major change with The Tyrant is an infection mechanic that directly affects Nemesis’ gameplay.

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The infection mechanic is especially key — just as Halloween’s The Shape can level up in three tiers to grow stronger, so can Nemesis based on its infection rate. In addition to Nemesis’ standard melee attack, The Tyrant builds up its infection rate by hitting survivors or zombies with its tentacles; the infection increase from destroying zombies is relatively marginal compared to hitting survivors. A charged attack, the initial tentacle attack is quite limited in range but its range grows upon reaching each tier, with a second-tier giving the tentacle the ability to smash through pallets and breakable walls while survivors that are already infected are injured by the tentacles. To counter this, survivors can take vaccines to recover from the infection but are now visible to Nemesis.

The first perk is activated right at the start of a match, with all the survivors’ auras visible by Nemesis for the first?5-7 seconds of each match, teachable at Level 30. The second perk has injured survivors descend into 20-30 seconds of hysteria when the Nemesis injures a healthy survivor, teachable at Level 35. The third perk has Nemesis boobytrap any generator it has kicked, with the trap triggered when Nemesis then knocks a survivor into their dying state with a basic attack. When triggered, the affected generators explode, incapacitating survivors working on rigged generators for 10-14 seconds and regressing repair progress by 6%, this is teachable at Level 40.

In regards to items that can be brought into matches, a visitor wristband increases the range Nemesis can see zombies, a manual that turns a zombie’s aura yellow six seconds after it hits a survivor, a damaged syringe that increases the time for survivors to take the vaccine, the intestine of Raccoon City Police Chief Brian Irons which increases zombie movement speed, a parasite that causes infected survivors to go oblivious for 60 sixty seconds, Umbrella operative Mikhail’s eye which also increases zombie movement speed and an ink ribbon which decreases respawn time for zombies, increases their movement speed and has them respawn around exit doors when all generators have been repaired.

Developed by Behaviour Interactive, the Resident Evil DLC expansion for Dead by Daylight goes on sale June 15.

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