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[tom clancy elite squad]Ubisoft launches Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad on Android and iOS

  After announcing the mobile version of its one of the most popular franchises in Ubisoft Forward event earlier this year, Ubisoft has finally made Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad available for both Android and iOS operating systems. Tom Clancy’s Elite Squad is a free-to-play action RPG game which offers real-time combat.

  The game features over 70 different characters from several titles of the franchise such as Sam Fisher (Splinter Cell), Caveira (Rainbow Six Siege), El Sue?o (Ghost Recon: Wildlands) and Megan (The Division).

  Elite Squad also features different stages borrowed from other titles of the series such as Brooklyn Bridge (The Division), Death Angel Church (Ghost Recon Wildlands) and more.

  Players in the game are supposed to create a team of five soldiers of their favourite character of the series and engage in 5v5 real-time action shooting battles with strategy and timing to defeat your opponent team. Players can also train their team to improve their special abilities.

  As with almost all other free-to-play games, the Elite Squad also comes with a dedicated store for in-app purchases to get more in-game items and resources.

  Elite Squad also comes with an online multiplayer mode in addition to single-player campaign mode

  In addition to a single-player campaign, Elite Squad also features online multiplayer to let you face off against other players’ five-person squads.