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  The world of Star Wars is full of dangerous rogues earning credits as bounty hunters. Here are all of the movie and TV mercenaries in canon.

  By Craig Elvy

  Published 6 days ago


  star wars bouny hunters IG88 Fennec Shand Boba Fett the mandalorian

  Here are all the bounty hunters that feature in?Star Wars’ on-screen universe. From faraway hives of scum and villainy to evil dictatorships desperately pursuing pesky rebels, there’s no shortage of?dirty work in the world of?Star Wars. Indeed, bounty hunting appears to be one of the few rewarding career opportunities in the galaxy far, far away – other than moisture farming and politics, of course. Infinitely more deadly than Stormtroopers and feared from planet to planet, a good bounty hunter is always in demand by hero and villain alike, and this flexibility allows each warrior to forge their own moral alignment in the gray area between good and evil.

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  star wars bouny hunters IG88 Fennec Shand Boba Fett the mandalorian

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  But while bounty hunters are always needed, they’re hardly a scarce commodity. From the original?Star Wars trilogy, the love-them-or-hate-them prequels and the Disney era of sequels and spinoffs, to the various animated and live-action small screen fare,?Star Wars has introduced a litany of bounty hunters of all races and reputations. Some of these have proven far more memorable than others, and the below list comprises major characters headlining their own shows,?as well as?one-hunt-wonders?fans barely remember.

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  The following bounty hunters must’ve made at least one appearance in a?Star Wars film or TV show. This rules out characters?from Legends canon, as well as?those whose credits come only via comics, novels or video games. Inclusions must be named figures from?Star Wars lore, and distinctions will be made between bounty hunters, mercenaries and criminals, however?subjectively thin those lines may be.



  One of the bounty hunter motley crew assembled by Darth Vader in?The Empire Strikes Back, tasked with tracking down Han Solo and the Millennium Falcon. 4-LOM is one of many droid bounty hunters in the Star Wars galaxy, and his backstory has been expanded in comic books and such.

  Amanaman the Bounty Hunter in Star Wars Return of the Jedi

  Amanaman is present in Jabba’s Palace during?Return of the Jedi.?The Amani’s name and occupation as a bounty hunter were both revealed much later by supplementary canon material.


  One of the more famous non-movie Star Wars entities, Asajj Ventress is a Force-sensitive who found herself aligned to the Separatists during the Clone Wars. After being betrayed by her Sith masters and only finding further turmoil with Mother Talzin, Ventress took to bounty hunting. Tragically, Ventress found little happiness in her new path. After falling in love with a Jedi whilst on a mission to assassinate Count Dooku, she made the ultimate sacrifice?in protecting the one her heart belonged to.


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  Athgar Heece with Rey BB-8 and Finn on Jakku in Star Wars The Force Awakens

  Athgar Heece appears on Jakku, waiting in line behind Daisy Ridley’s Rey to sell scavenged goods to Unkar Plutt in?The Force Awakens. He’s also involved in the history of Disney’s Galaxy’s Edge theme park.

  Auromae Iselo in Solo Star Wars

  Debuting in Solo: A Story Wars Story, Auromae Iselo is a Melbu who previously served as a bounty hunter during the Empire’s era. Unlike many of his colleagues, Iselo was unwilling to do Imperial dirty work, and switched his allegiance to Enfys Nest’s Cloud-Riders to become a vigilante, fighting back against the Empire.?The character is played on-screen by Derek Arnold.



  Aurra Sing?begins as a background character at the podrace in?The Phantom Menace, before becoming a prominent figure in?Star Wars: The Clone Wars, encountering the likes of Ahsoka Tano, and working alongside Cad Bane. As a claim to fame, Sing also helped train Boba Fett following his father’s demise. In?Solo, Thomas Beckett?boasts about?having killed Aurra Sing at some point off-screen.

  Ax Taglin in Star Wars Resistance

  Appearing in?Star Wars Resistance, Ax Tagrin operated during the First Order’s era, hunting down resistance spies. Tagrin is notable for being voiced by Joe Manganiello.

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  Boba Fett in The Mandalorian season 2

  The original bounty hunter of the?Star Wars universe. Boba Fett debuted in animated form during the infamous?holiday special episode, before making an appearance proper in?The Empire Strikes Back as the man who successfully tracks down Han Solo. Fett was presumed dead after falling into Tatooine’s Sarlacc pit, but?The Mandalorian revealed his long-suspected survival, and the galaxy’s most renowned bounty hunter will soon star in his own Disney+ series,?The Book of Boba Fett.


  Another of the fearsome felons under Darth Vader’s employ in The Empire Strikes Back, Bossk is a Trandoshan, and has subsequently turned up in?The Clone Wars, comics, video games, and more. Although they once worked in a partnership, Bossk rivals Boba Fett for the title of galaxy’s most renowned mercenary.


  Princess Leia Disguised as Boushh in Star Wars Return of the Jedi

  Star Wars fans may not recognize Boushh’s name, but his outfit will be instantly familiar as the gear worn by Leia during her infiltration of Jabba’s Palace in Return of the Jedi. Boushh was killed by his own syndicate, after which Princess Leia nabbed his clothes and assumed his identity. The original incarnation of the character features in the animated?Star Wars: Forces of Destiny.


  A Siniteen befitting of his name, Brainee appears in?The Clone Wars season 3’s “Sphere of Influence” and was aligned with the far more famous Greedo.

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  Bric in Star Wars Clone Wars

  Another Siniteen bounty hunter featured in?The Clone Wars is Bric, hired by the Republic to train?Kamino’s?clone trooper armies in the art of combat. Bric takes an unforgiving approach with the artificially-bred soldiers.


  Bulduga in Star Wars

  Invited by Count Dooku to take part in “The Box” challenge in?The Clone Wars?season 4 alongside his brother Onca, thus earning a place on the lucrative mission to assassinate Palpatine. Sadly, Bulduga didn’t even make it to the competition, since he was killed by Cad Bane in the build up.

  C-21 Highsinger in Star Wars The Clone Wars

  The Clone Wars season 4’s appropriately-titled “Bounty” sees Boba Fett lead a bunch of bounty hunters on a high-stakes protection detail mission on Quarzite, C-21 is among the group, which also includes Bossk and Asajj Ventress. Despite boasting a number of stars, the venture is a failure.

  Cad Bane in Star Wars The Bad Batch

  One of the galaxy’s more revered criminals, Cad Bane would even tussle with Jedi during the Clone Wars, taking on the Sith’s most daring missions, including an infiltration of the Jedi Temple itself. Debuting in?The Clone Wars, Cad Bane’s most recent credit came in?Star Wars: The Bad Batch, in which he was employed by the good folks of Kamino to retrieve Omega. Such is Bane’s skill, he even overcame Clone Force 99’s leader, Hunter. The western gunslinger also operates with a group of sentinel droids at his disposal, and acquired Todo 360 as a butler droid.


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  Carib Diss in Star Wars

  Carib Diss makes a fleeting appearance on Kijimi in?The Rise of Skywalker – a planet where dentists are apparently few and far between.

  Castas in Star Wars The Clone Wars

  In?The Clone Wars, Boba Fett seeks vengeance for his father by killing Mace Windu, and he puts together an expert team of cutthroats in order to achieve that goal. Among the likes of Bossk and Aurra Sing is Casta, a Klatoonian who actually tries to quit the mission when hunting a Jedi gets a little too intense. Killed by Sing shortly after.

  Cato Parasitti in Star Wars Clone Wars

  One of several Clawdite bounty hunters in the?Star Wars world, famous for their shape-shifting abilities. Cato Parasitti was one of Cad Bane’s accomplices during the aforementioned Jedi Temple heist. Unlike Bane, however, Parasitti was apprehended?by Ahsoka Tano when she?attempted impersonating Jedi librarian Jocasta Nu.


  Chata Hyoki in Star Wars Clone Wars

  A Selkath on Count Dooku’s payroll, Chata Hyoki attempts to kill Senator Amidala during the Clone Wars, then moves onto Bail Organa. He’s unsuccessful on both accounts.

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  Danz Borin in Star Wars

  During?A New Hope’s iconic Mos Eisley cantina sequence, a sinister selection of bounty hunters litter the bar’s many nooks and crannies, hoping to get the jump on Han Solo and collect Jabba’s bounty. The human Danz Borin is one of them.

  Debnoli in Star Wars

  Debnoli was another seeking Han in Mos Eisley. His bounty hunter occupation was confirmed via trading cards.

  Bounty Hunter Dengar Appeared in The Empire Strikes Back and the novel Aftermath

  Dengar has scored?credits in both live-action and animated?Star Wars fare. He was among Darth Vader’s recruits in?The Empire Strikes Back, and made later appearances in?The Clone Wars, in addition to?various comic books. It’s hinted that Dengar becomes Rothgar Deng – a minor figure seen in?The Rise of Skywalker. Dengar was initially portrayed by Morris Bush.



  Derrown was afforded a supporting role in?The Clone Wars’ bounty hunter-heavy offering, “The Box.”?Unlike many who entered, Derrown passed the trial and earned himself a place in future episode “Crisis On Naboo.”

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  Grogu and Din Djarin in The Mandalorian season 2

  The lead protagonist of?The Mandalorian, Din Djarin became a bounty hunter as per the tradition of his people, having been adopted by Mandalore as a foundling. He would go on to take numerous high risk, high reward missions for anyone and everyone, controversially?counting the Empire among his clients. Din Djarin’s days as a bounty hunter eased to a halt after he became the adoptive father of Grogu. After this, he would only take select jobs, balancing work around his duties as a guardian. Now that Grogu is in Luke Skywalker’s custody, Djarin’s priorities might change once again.


  Djas Puhr in Star Wars

  Djas Puhr is seen loitering in the Mos Eisley cantina in?A New Hope, and is played by Kim Falkinburg.

  Bric and El-Les in Star Wars

  El-Les can be found alongside Bric training fresh clones on Kamino in?The Clone Wars. He’s an Arcona who takes a more sympathetic approach toward his students.


  A recurring presence in?The Clone Wars, Embo frequently troubles famed protagonists from the?Star Wars movies. The Kyuzo engages Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka Tano during a?Seven Samurai-style adventure on Felucia (before teaming with them), then kills one of Padmé’s assistants on Scipio. Embo later becomes a member of the Krayt’s Claw syndicate, and?completes Dooku’s Box challenge. This character is?immediately discernible by his?Mortal Kombat?hat, Chewbacca-esque bowcaster, and Dave Filoni’s voice.


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  Introduced in?The Mandalorian, Ming-Na Wen’s Fennec Shand was forced on the run?following the Empire’s dissolution, wanted by the New Republic on various charges racked up while bounty hunting on Imperial dime. After being saved from death by one Boba Fett, Fennec Shand redeemed herself by participating in Din Djarin’s mission to rescue Grogu, and now seems to be Boba’s right-hand woman.?The Bad Batch?finds Shand making a name for herself as a more ruthless upstart during the Imperial era.

  Fong Do in Star Wars Clone Wars

  Fong Do survived a close encounter with two Jedi – Ahsoka Tano and Plo Koon – in?The Clone Wars. The incident descended into a bar brawl, which was perhaps the best outcome Fong Do could hope for.



  The famous Rodian who may or may not have shot Han Solo first, depending which version of?Star Wars you’re watching. Greedo was killed by the galaxy’s most lovable scoundrel in 1977’s original?Star Wars effort. As well as pulling jobs for Jabba, Greedo took Trade Federation work in?The Clone Wars.

  Hoogenz in Star Wars

  Hoogenz is a shady fellow clad in a gas mask on Jakku in?The Force Awakens. He was first identified as a bounty hunter in official concept art.

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  IG-11 in The Mandalorian

  A member of the bounty hunter’s guild alongside Din Djarin, IG-11 takes the Grogu mission and teams up with Mando to take out the facility’s intense security. As a droid, IG-11 is naturally?unmoved by the prospect of?murdering little Grogu, but Din Djarin would famously decide to spare the youngster’s life by terminating IG-11. The spinning bringer of death was later reprogrammed by Kuiil to protect Baby Yoda,?and this resulted in IG-11 making an emotional sacrifice.



  Before IG-11, there was IG-88, who lined up alongside Boba Fett, Bossk, Dengar and the?rest as Darth Vader’s choices for hunting down Han Solo’s Millennium Falcon. Despite precious few on-screen appearances, IG-88 has become a cult figure among?Star Wars fans, and turned out in?Forces of Destiny?also.


  You’ll find the Whiphid J’Quille frequenting Jabba’s Palace along with various other unsavory types in?Return of the Jedi. Wider?Star Wars media would reveal he was only working for Jabba as part of a plot.

  Jakoli the Bounty Hunter in Star Wars Clone Wars

  Jakoli was another of the infamous bounty hunter professionals called-up by Count Dooku for “The Box.” He survived until the third round before being brutally electrocuted.


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  Jango Fett in Attack of the Clones

  A famed bounty hunter of Mandalorian heritage, Jango Fett offered up his DNA to Kamino, forming the basis of the Republic’s entire clone trooper army. He would also request a cloned son from the Kaminoans, giving rise to Boba Fett. During the?Star Wars prequel era, Jango was employed by Dooku’s Separatists, and would die in service to the Sith, falling to Mace Windu’s purple blade at the Battle of Geonosis. Jango was?played by Temuera Morrison, and though?the character’s tenure is short, his face would be remembered for years to come…


  Ketsu Onyo in Star Wars Rebels

  Another Mandalorian bounty hunter, Ketsu Onyo appears in a handful of?Star Wars Rebels installments, beginning with season 2. Despite a checkered history of partnership and betrayal, Onyo ultimately proved herself an ally to Sabine Wren and the Ghost crew, as well as the Rebellion as a whole. Onyo is voiced by Gina Torres and wields an innovative spear/blaster combo weapon. Although at one-time aligned to Maul’s antagonistic Black Sun syndicate, Ketsu Onyo’s assistance proved invaluable to the Spectre heroes on Lothal.

  Kiera Swan in Star Wars Clone Wars

  The Weequay Kiera Swan competed in “The Box” at the behest of Count Dooku, but only reaches the second round of challenges.


  Han Solo Anthology: 16 Characters Emilia Clarke Might Play

  Often found working hand in reluctant hand with other bounty hunters, Latts Razzi was one of the Krayt’s Claw gang, while also working with the aforementioned Embo and others during?The Clone Wars. Would ultimately found her own group.

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  Mantu in Star Wars Clone Wars

  Joins Jakoli as one of the bounty hunters who fell at the third hurdle during “The Box.”

  Moralo Eval in Star Wars Clone Wars

  While plenty of bounty hunters took part in Dooku’s box competition, it was the bounty hunter Moralo Eval who actually came up with the elimination process to whittle down potential contenders. Eval was caught on Naboo by Anakin Skywalker during the eventual attempt on Palpatine’s life.


  Neesh Rodian in Star Wars

  Another Rodian bounty hunter in?A New Hope, often mistaken for Greedo.

  Nik Hepho in Rogue One Star Wars

  Nik Hepho is a Britarro hunter who can be glimpsed briefly during?Rogue One: A Star Wars Story’s Jedha scenes. Only identified via the film’s accompanying Visual Dictionary.

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  Bulduga and Onca in Star Wars

  The first bounty hunter to die in “The Box.” Disappointing stuff from the Ithorian. Bulduga’s brother.


  Oked was?supposed to pull a job alongside Boba Fett, Latts, C-21, Bossk and Dengar on Quarzite in?The Clone Wars season 4. Instead, he got on the wrong side of Asajj Ventress and was killed for his trouble. Ventress took Oked’s position on the team.


  Rako Hardeen in Star Wars Clone Wars

  Like Boushh, Rako Hardeen is better known as a disguise than as his genuine self. The?real Rako was hired by the Jedi to “kill” Obi-Wan Kenobi in The Clone Wars. In reality, Obi-Wan?incapacitated the bounty hunter and?assumed his identity with?an intention to investigate the growing plot against Senator Palpatine which, of course, was devised by Palps himself.

  Chata Hyoki and Robonino in Star Wars Clone Wars

  Debuting in the very first season of?The Clone Wars, Robonino joined a group of bounty hunters (also featuring Cad Bane and Aurra Sing) to take the senate hostage and demand the release of Ziro Hutt. Although the operation was successful, a later attempt on Bail Organa’s life resulted in capture alongside Chata Hyoki.


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  Ront Byrnloo in Star Wars

  When Jabba the Hutt makes his?Star Wars debut accosting Han Solo at Tatooine’s famous?Docking Bay 94, he’s accompanied by muscle in the form of Ront Byrnloo.

  Rum Sleg in Star Wars

  Echoing?the origins of Aurra Sing, Rum Sleg began his?Star Wars career as a podrace spectator, and was later confirmed as a bounty hunter through merchandise. Unlike Sing, Sleg remains unused in canon since.


  Along with Embo, Rumi Paramita is one of several bounty hunters hired by a Felucian village as protection in?The Clone Wars. Dies off-screen.


  One of the main protagonists of?Star Wars Rebels, Sabine Wren enjoys a relatively brief stint as a bounty hunter toward the beginning of her journey. She aligns with fellow Mandalorian, the aforementioned Ketsu Onyo, after breaking free from the clutches of an Imperial academy. Sadly, the alliance ended in tears, as Onyo’s ruthless streak?caused her to leave Wren behind. Not long after, Sabine would join the crew of the Ghost and leave her bounty hunting days behind.


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  Sarco Plank

  Sarco Plank is another of the bounty hunters dotted around Jakku during?The Force Awakens.

  Seripas in Star Wars Clone Wars

  Seripas?is among the Felucian band of bounty hunters who align with?three Jedi to protect villagers, but later made additional The Clone Wars appearances, one time fighting alongside the Wookiees during a Chewbacca rescue mission. Seripas is known for covering his diminutive Ssori body with a larger suit of armor.

  Shahan Alama in Star Wars Clone Wars

  Shahan Alama was a rugged Weequay involved in the previously mentioned Ziro senate incident. Comes fitted with a mechanical arm, not entirely dissimilar to Luke Skywalker’s.



  A Snivvian disguise specialist killed during round 2 of “The Box.”

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  Sixtat did well enough in “The Box” to reach the fourth and final stage, but fell at the final hurdle.

  Sugi in Star Wars The Clone Wars

  Sugi the Zakbrak led a fluid?group of bounty hunters throughout several?The Clone Wars episodes. She fought side-by-side with Obi-Wan, Anakin and Ahsoka at Felucia, guarded General Tarfull on?Wasskah, then foolishly went after Maul’s Shadow Collective while employed by Jabba the Hutt.


  Sy Snootles will be most familiar to?Star Wars fans as the singer?at Jabba’s Palace in?Return of the Jedi – one of several characters to receive?a CG makeover from?George Lucas in recent years. As revealed elsewhere, however, Snootles was also a bounty hunter, largely operating for Jabba and his uncle Ziro, whom she had a romantic entanglement with.



  Tam Posla is among the spectators while Han Solo and Lando Calrissian engage in a charisma-fueled game of Sabacc in?Solo: A Star Wars?Story. A justice-minded bounty hunter, Posla’s exploits are explored in comic book form.

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  Jake Cannavale as Toro Calican in The Mandalorian

  A young bounty hunter portrayed by Jake Cannavale in?The Mandalorian. Calican seeks the head of Fennec Shand to?make his mark?in the bounty hunting game, and employs Din Djarin to help him attain glory. The rookie proves to be a treacherous little swine, and has the gall to steal Grogu, earning him a swift death.



  Twazzi succeeded in completing “The Box” and was recruited into the plot to “assassinate” Senator Palpatine.


  Zam Wesell?tries to murder Senator Amidala with a venomous?insect in?Attack of the Clones before embarking on a race?across the Coruscant skyline against Obi-Wan Kenobi and Anakin Skywalker. The Clawdite is killed by Jango Fett before she can tell the Jedi anything worthwhile.


  The last of the infamous?Star Wars criminals tasked by Darth Vader to track down Han Solo in?The Empire Strikes Back.

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