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[zoom apk]Tip: You can pinch-to-zoom in Google Messages to resize text

  Even if you use the Google Messages app a lot, you may not be aware that it added a nifty feature somewhat recently: the ability to resize text in a conversation!

  Over on the /r/AndroidApps subreddit, Redditor user01401 discovered that the Messages app for Android now supports text resizing in conversations using a simple pinch-to-zoom gesture. If you’ve ever resized text in a web browser like Google Chrome before, then you probably already know what this looks like. If not, here’s a screen recording I shared on Twitter:

  Here’s a demo

  — Mishaal Rahman (@MishaalRahman) June 18, 2021

  Note that resizing text in a conversation doesn’t actually change the font size of the messages you send, so any changes to the text size you make will only be reflected on your end. If you have poor eyesight or just don’t want to strain your eyes reading tiny text, then you’ll get a lot of use out of this pinch-to-zoom gesture in the Google Messages app.

  This feature seems to have rolled out for everyone and isn’t tied to a server-side flag like the ability to pin conversations?or categorize messages. Based on replies to my Twitter post, however, it seems this feature isn’t available on versions below 8.X. Be sure you’re on an up-to-date version of the app if you want to use this pinch-to-zoom gesture. You can download the latest version of the Google Messages app from the Google Play Store link embedded below or from an APK hosting site like APKMirror.

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