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[manga zone]Boruto Episode 204 spoilers out, Jigen vs. Naruto & Sasuke battle begins

  Devdiscourse News Desk | Tokyo | Updated: 19-06-2021 20:25 IST | Created: 19-06-2021 20:25 IST

  Boruto Episode 204 spoilers out, Jigen vs. Naruto & Sasuke battle begins Naruto and Sasuke will collaborate to defeat Jigen in Boruto Episode 204. Image Credit: Facebook / Boruto:Naruto Next Generation




  Boruto Episode 204 will be out on Sunday, June 20. The spoilers for Boruto: Naruto Next Generations is revealed.

  Kara’s leader Jigen kidnapped the Seventh Hokage. A dangerous fight is going to be shown in Boruto Episode 204. The upcoming chapter is titled “He’s Bad News.”


  According to the Boruto Episode 204 spoilers released by the official website, Sasuke will appear in front of Naruto, who was kidnapped by Jigen. Sasuke could go against the dangerous villain, call him a ‘Bad Guy’ and decide to beat him at any cost.

  Naruto and Sasuke will collaborate to defeat Jigen. So a fierce fight could begin in Boruto: Naruto Next Generations Chapter 204. Naruto and Sasuke are proud of their high fighting ability and struggle with Jigen, who uses mysterious techniques.

  Boruto Episode 204 will also highlight Bolt, who had an unpleasant premonition from the accident of his own wedge (Karma). Bold will return home with Mitsuki and find that Kawaki and Salad worried about Naruto’s body being taken away.

  In Boruto Episode 204, Jigen will use incredible Jutsu, which corners Sasuke and Naruto. Elsewhere, something weird could happen with Boruto as he’d rush to check on Kawaki, noted IBTimes.

  Boruto Episode 203 official synopsis:

  ”Boruto Episode 203 titled ‘Surprise Attack!’ where Naruto wakes up and finds Kawaki searching for the last piece of the vase. He tries to discourage the boy from searching any further, stating that he had made up for it already.

  It leads to an argument that ends with Kawaki telling the Hokage, that he isn’t his son. Koji Kashin is still surveying Kawaki, and wonders why Jigen hasn’t made a move to take Kawaki back yet. While training with Mitsuki, Boruto’s Karma suddenly activates, as if it was resonating with Kawaki’s again.

  Meanwhile, Sarada buys flowers from Ino’s shop and as she leaves, Ino detects a massive chakra signature entering the Leaf, almost making her faint. Back at the Uzumaki house, Kawaki’s Karma activates and Jigen steps out from the portal it created, shocking Naruto and Koji, who realized that the entire Vessel Retrieval mission was all an act on Jigen’s part, to test the Inners’ loyalty.

  Jigen politely apologizes for entering with shoes on and tells Naruto, that he’ll leave immediately if his “son” comes with him. Kawaki refutes by shouting, that he never considered Jigen as his father. The Hokage refuses, so Jigen surprises him with chakra-absorbing rods.

  Kurama helps Naruto and they enter Nine-Tails Chakra Mode so that Naruto can battle Jigen. Realizing that his taijutsu skills are not enough and that he can’t use any of his strong ninjutsu, since they’re in the Leaf, Naruto ends up with a huge disadvantage.

  Jigen begins charging a massive attack that would claim many casualties. Kawaki gives himself up to save Naruto and everyone else. As they are about to leave, Naruto steps in once more, saying that Kawaki is part of his family. Annoyed, Jigen decides to warp away with Naruto. They end up in Kara’s dimension, and Jigen decides to end Naruto once and for all here. Suddenly, Sasuke surprise attacks Jigen and helps Naruto out. The two of them, not worried about collateral damage anymore, decide to go all out, and Jigen states that he’ll wipe them both out.”

  The latest episode of Boruto: Naruto Next Generations airs every Sunday at 3:30 am EST. Viewers can adjust the time zone according to their locations. They can watch Boruto Episode 201 on the official websites via AnimeLab, Crunchyroll, Funimation, and Hulu.

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