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Yesterday there was some confusion concerning the Warner Bros. Game presentation at Summer Game Fest, and if it would include games other than Back 4 Blood?due to how the schedule was formatted. The official Twitter account for the event eventually stepped in and clarified that the Warner Bros. Games presentation is indeed only for Back 4 Blood, leaving some to wonder when we¨ll next see the Harry Potter, Gotham Knights, and the Suicide Squad games.

Per an article from Gamespot, Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment are currently caught in the middle of AT&T¨s $43 billion sale of its content divisions to Discovery. The plan seems to be to spin the newly acquired content divisions off into a new standalone company (Warner Bros. Discovery), but which studios will be included in the transition are still up for speculation.

Axios writer Sara Fischer reached out to AT&T and learned that ^some of the gaming arm will stay with AT&T and some will go with the new company. ̄ What this means for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment¨s 11 studios is anyone¨s guess at the moment. That means the upcoming Harry Potter, Gotham Knights, and Suicide Squad titles could wind up on either side of the divide. It¨s hard to gauge how this rapidly made deal will ultimately affect WBIE and its studios, but it¨ll likely be a month or so until we fully understand the fallout of this deal.

As for Back 4 Blood, the coop zombie shooter from Left 4 Dead developer Turtle Rock Studios has a (relatively) firm release date. It seems the AT&T and Discovery deal won¨t impact Back 4 Blood as heavily as the other titles since it¨s closer to completion, and it isn¨t attached to a well-known media IP. That¨s not to say it won¨t get caught-up in all of this AT&T and Discovery business, but it still behooves WBIE to demo the game at Summer Game Fest with October 8th only a few short months away.

We¨ll be sure to update this story as we learn more about the AT&T and Discovery deal, and what it means for Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

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