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[Rangerdog]“Bark Ranger” Program Unleashed At Hawai?i Volcanoes


  Bark Ranger Chunka and her human Jozie. NPS Photo/J.Wei

  (BIVN) – Hawai?i Volcanoes National Park is promoting its new, self-guided “Bark Ranger” program, so that visitors to the park may bring their pets along with them, responsibly.

  The National Park Service says the BARK! in the Bark Ranger program stands for:

  Bag your dog’s waste and remove it.

  Always leash your dog. Keep your dog on a six-foot leash and under control at all times.

  Respect wildlife. The park is home to many native species, most notably the State Bird of Hawai?i, the nēnē.

  Know were you can go.

  From the National Park Service:

  The first step to getting your furry family member Bark-Ranger certified is to visit the bark website, watch the new video and take the BARK pledge. Download and fill out the Bark Ranger certificate, bring your certificate to the park, and get it stamped by a two-legged park ranger at Kīlauea Visitor Center lānai. Your pup is now a doggone Bark Ranger! Need some bone-a-fide bling on that collar? Bring your Bark Ranger certificate to the Hawai?i Pacific Parks Association store. Our non-profit partner has Bark Ranger dog tags available for purchase ($5.95) and will soon have nifty Bark Ranger bandanas. All proceeds support your park.


  The Bark Ranger certificate for Hawai?i Volcanoes National Park

  Dogs and other pets are not allowed in many areas of the park for safety reasons, and for the protection of threatened and endangered native species, officials say. This list is provided on the HVNP website:

  Locations you may visit with your pet at the park

  All parking areas and surrounding curbs (excluding Hilina Pali Road and Kulanaokuaiki Campground)

  On Crater Rim Drive in areas open to vehicles

  On Chain of Craters Road down to Pu?u Loa Petroglyphs

  At Nāmakanipaio Campground

  On Mauna Loa Road, occasionally referred to as “The Strip Road”

  On Highway 11

  At Kīlauea Military Camp: on paved roads and parking areas; and at the picnic area, up to the park ball field gate, not including the ball field

  Pets are prohibited in all of the undeveloped areas of the park. This includes all designated wilderness and all frontcountry and backcountry trails.

  At the Kahuku Unit

  In developed areas that include the open fields adjacent to the Visitor Contact Station and other park buildings, and the area that extends to the boundary of the forested areas up to, but not including Pu?u o Lokuana

  On Kahuku Road from Highway 11 to the cross fence gate, including the airstrip by the intersection of Pu?u o Lokuana

  Old Mamalahoa Highway spur road


  Bark Ranger Brandy and Jody. NPS Photo/J.Wei

  The National Park Service says you can check the Superintendent’s Compendium for exemptions regarding authorized service animals. All pets and service animals in the park must be leashed at all times.