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[Life Is Strange 2]The Life is Strange Franchise Has Always Been About One Beautiful Thing

  The Life is Strange games have always featured stories that involve representation in some way, and Life is Strange 3 may be no exception to this.

  By Marina DelGreco

  Published Mar 02, 2021



  When Life is Strange first debuted in 2015, no one really knew the success it would accumulate. In fact, there’s a very good chance that Life is Strange actually?helped Dontnod Entertainment a lot because of its acclaim and success. The first game and its episodic set up led to the release of a prequel, Life is Strange: Before the Storm, and a sequel Life is Strange 2, which had a different cast than the original game. There are a few elements that tie all these games, as well as the rumored Life is Strange 3, together, but one stands out among the rest – representation.

  The original Life is Strange is now known across the LGBTQIA2+ community because of characters like Chloe Price and the relationship she can develop with the protagonist, Max Caulfield. The brothers showcased in Life is Strange 2 are of Mexican descent, and though it wasn’t a mainline game, Life is Strange: Before the Storm also had LGBT representation. Though nothing has been confirmed about the rumored Life is Strange 3, it’s possible that the franchise will continue to do what it’s always done best – give representation to marginalized groups and individuals.


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  Depending on the decisions players make throughout Life is Strange, Max Caulfield can end up having a romantic relationship with her childhood best friend Chloe Price or her other good friend Warren Graham. Of course, romance isn’t the main point of the game, but it definitely fits in a story about a teenage girl trying to navigate her feelings in the mixed up world around her. While no labels have ever been put on Chloe’s sexuality, she’s definitely part of the LGBT community in some capacity, having an ambiguous relationship with Rachel Amber in Life is Strange (or not so ambiguous in Life is Strange: Before the Storm).


  Life is Strange 2 allowed players to get to know the Diaz brothers, an older and younger brother named Sean and Daniel, respectively, who are of Mexican descent on their father’s side. Having been abandoned at a young age by their mother, they were raised by their father Esteban. Though the brothers have a tumultuous and sometimes tragic story, it’s still important that two young People of Color (POC) are given the spotlight in the game. The boys also journey down the west coast from Washington state to try to get to their father’s hometown of Puerto Lobos, Mexico, which can be a successful or unsuccessful mission based on player choices.


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  The new Life is Strange title has not been confirmed, but it’s rumored to be in development under code name?Life is Strange: True Colors. Supposedly, the lead will be an Asian-American woman and the story will revolve around her discovering her ability to read minds. Supernatural powers wouldn’t be new to the franchise, though it would be the only time since the first game that players could control the character that possessed the powers. Dontnod’s Life is Strange has dealt with time travel and telekinesis in the past, but never mind reading, which would make for an interesting story.


  It’s also fantastic to see another POC get the lead role in a Life is Strange game. Sometimes, trolls online like to complain about “forced representation,” but there’s nothing “forced” about telling a story from the viewpoint of someone who’s not only Asian-American, but a woman as well. Though Life is Strange 3 hasn’t been confirmed yet, if these rumors remain true, players will be in for a great game that will be interesting in both content and the characters involved.

  Life is Strange 2 is available now for PC, PS4, and Xbox One.

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