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Fortnite Season 7 is nearly here, and will bring a new alien theme to the game.


With so many players excited for some new changes and new content, the countdown to Season 7 is on!

Here’s all the latest news around Fortnite Season 7, and when players will be able to start playing.

It’s finally the day! Fortnite Season 7 will soon go live after a period of extended server downtime to add in all of the new and updated content.

This downtime will bring Fortnite servers down in less than an hour, and from there, the downtime (and wait) begins!

Fortnite Season 7 will have a lengthy downtime due to the amount of new content and changes being added to the game.

This downtime will begin at 2am EST (7am BST) – and will likely end roughly 3 hours later, though this time can be extended if any technical issues arise.


That means Fortnite Season 7 should start at roughly 5am EST (10am BST)!

So if you’re as excited about the new season as we are, stay tuned for all the latest info on when servers will go live!

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Think you’re an expert in alien puzzles?

Fortnite season 7 alien galactic theme space logo click to enlarge TO INFINITY…: Fortnite is going galactic in the new season

Fortnite Season 7 hype is building for the new alien season, and a new teaser for it has arisen in the form of a cryptic puzzle.

This puzzle is challenging, and has tons of players entirely confused on what it could really mean. While there are plenty of guesses, nothing is concrete just yet. So if you’re waiting for the new season to kick off, take your own shot at the puzzle below!


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