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[lc10 warzone]Best Warzone LC10 class: Loadout, attachments & perks

  You can dish out a lot of pain by equipping the best Warzone LC10 loadout, so we have gathered the best attachments and perks you need to maximize this weapon’s potential in Season 4.

  A great deal of the new things have been in Call of Duty: Warzone Season 4, including various weapon buffs and nerfs that opened up the meta in a big way.

  Whereas Cold War Assault Rifles and the new MG 82 LMG are reigning supreme in Season 4, other weapons have shone brightly – namely the LC10 SMG. The weapon’s serious damage output and mobility allow players to rack up kills aggressively with great accuracy.

  Here are the attachments and perks that make up the best Warzone LC10 loadout for Season 4.

  best warzone lc10 loadoutbest warzone lc10 loadout

  Muzzle: Agency SuppressorBarrel: 13.9″ Task ForceUnderbarrel: Field Agent GripAmmunition: STANAG 55 RNDStock: Raider Stock

  We’ll start this Warzone LC10 loadout with the Agency Suppressor, which will help you avoid enemy detection on their radars and provide a big boost to your damage range. The 13.9″ Task Force barrel will add to your max damage range and also provide a nice boost to bullet velocity, allowing you to take on targets much farther than without it.

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  Using the Field Agent Grip will also increase the SMG’s vertical and horizontal recoil control. That way, you’ll be able to continuously fire at your targets without having to worry about accuracy.

  The weapon also has a quick reload speed, so we went with the STANAG 55 RND to increase the maximum ammo capacity. Lastly, we capped this loadout with the Raider Stock to improve your sprint-to-fire time so that you can move a lot quicker in gunfights.

  best warzone lc10 loadout perksbest warzone lc10 loadout class perks

  Perk 1: E.O.DPerk 2: Overkill/GhostPerk 3: Amped

  You’ll frequently encounter enemies that use explosives in Warzone. If you want to survive that, then you should absolutely equip. E.O.D. It will allow you to tank huge amounts of explosive damage while you have your armor equipped.

  Due to the hectic nature of Warzone matches, it’s usually smart to carry weapons that are suitable for all situations. The Overkill perk grants you two primary weapons from any category. This is ideal for modes and maps that have versatile tactical requirements.

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  You can then grab Ghost from a second loadout drop to avoid showing up on enemy maps and Heartbeat Sensors to further improve this Warzone LC10 loadout.

  Since you’ll mostly use the LC10 SMG during close or medium-range combat situations, you’ll have to swap weapons in a snap. Amped makes that process almost instant, which can save your life at a crucial moment in battle.

  best lc10 warzone loadoutbest lc10 warzone loadout

  If you want to use the LC10, then you’ll first need to unlock it by completing a challenge. For the LC10, you’ll need to get 3 kills without dying using SMGs in 15 different matches playing Black Ops Cold War or Warzone.

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  You can also unlock this weapon by killing 250 enemies that are on fire in Black Ops Cold War Zombies.

  If you are looking for something else besides the best Warzone LC10 loadout, check out the AK-74u for some close-range explosivity, or give the tried and tested Bullfrog a whirl.

  If you’re looking to see all the buffs and nerfs for weapons in Warzone Season 4, you can check out our guide on the weapon patch notes or try some of this season’s best loadouts below.

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