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[call duty cold war]Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War’s New Scorestreak: The Hand Cannon


  Matt Morgans

  1 week ago

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  With today’s launch of Season 4 in both Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War and Warzone, players can get their hands on a brand-new Scorestreak; a devastating one-shot handgun known as the Hand Cannon. This formidable weapon may be small, but it packs an incredible punch.

  “A semi-automatic handgun chambered in a ridiculously high-caliber round,” writes Treyarch; “the Hand Cannon delivers lethal damage to anywhere on the body, as the sheer kinetic impact incapacitates any Operator at a minimum, or blows them to smithereens with a well-placed shot.”

  Call of Duty Black Ops Cold War Season 4 Scorestreak Hand Cannon 2

  That’s right; the new Hand Cannon Scorestreak is always a one-shot kill, no matter where your bullet lands. Needless to say, it is now Black Ops Cold War’s most powerful handgun. However, it is, of course, only available as a Scorestreak. The gun actually first appeared in the Black Ops Cold War story campaign’s “Desperate Measures” mission. Up until now, it hasn’t been playable outside of the campaign. (No doubt due to the sheer power of the weapon becoming unbalanced in a multiplayer setting.)

  The Hand Cannon’s primary role is, of course, annihilating enemy Operators with well-placed shots. However, it does have a less-obvious secondary role as well. With only eight shots, you may be tempted to use it solely on enemy players, but it can actually cause huge damage to certain enemy Scorestreaks. It is particularly useful for destroying ground-based vehicle Scorestreaks, for example.

  If you’re confident in your accuracy and want to lay waste to the opposition, then the Hand Cannon may very well be the Scorestreak for you. The weapon is particularly well-suited to the new One in the Chamber game mode. (One of two modes launching today as part of Season 4.) That classic mode also gives players lethal handguns, but now, fans of One in the Chamber can take that feeling of lethality into other modes as well!