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[make money chatting online]SugarDaddyMeet?Review:?The?shortcut?to?dating?attractive?women

  SugarDaddyMeet is a dating site for rich men & attractive women looking for expectations in a private relationship. No online-only relationship allowed. Launched in 2007, SugarDaddyMeet has attracted over 5 million selective members. They only accept qualified members from the top 20 richest countries, such as US, UK, CA, AU, etc.


  SugarDaddyMeet First Impressions

  I signed up for SugarDaddyMeet not knowing what to expect. It sounded so scandalous and I thought of it as a place you go to when chasing a fantasy. To my surprise, it had a lot more to offer than I was expecting. My hesitations quickly started subsiding when I began reading over the four boxes you are required to check upon further sign up.

  Respectable Guidelines Implemented

  One of my favorite features about signing up was the straightforward guidelines we are asked to follow. It is clear as day when you check a box that says “SugarDaddyMeet” is meant for serious relationships, online only not allowed. They also made me feel safe by making sure they are adamant about abuse and will even block members if they have to. Nobody wants to be catfished and they insure you that they ban those who try and pull a fast one on you. I also love how they block low quality photos. Pictures are misleading and low lights and bad quality is not what I want to be scrolling through when looking for a potential date.

  Why I Chose SugarDaddyMeet

  Being a single guy living in the post modern world, I’ve found myself struggling to approach a girl who’s face down already looking at her cell phone. Back in college I had it easy with the ladies, ever since then it’s been a struggle to even get a phone number out of a gal. I went from corny pick up lines to sliding in the DMs to no avail. Dating today is like fishing with a shiny hook with no bait. The ladies aren’t biting and I had to switch up the method. Thankfully, I found SugarDaddyMeet and I already have a few dates lined up for the summer!

  As soon as I verified my account by phone and email I was immediately thrown into the ring of fire and began to fill out some information about me. I enjoyed filling it out because unlike other dating sites, they didn’t ask me a million questions. They simply asked about me and what I am looking for in a girl. That simplistic and concise approach makes the ocean seem bigger and the fish more ready to bite. I desire a girl that wants to know more about me in person than just reading some of my answers on a personality test.

  Quickly My Favorite Features:

  1. Income Verified

  The feature that caught my eye first on SugarDaddyMeet is the boss level, “Get Income Verified” option. The ladies want to see you got a J.O.B. There’s nothing wrong with that in my world. As TLC sings, “I don’t want no scrubs.” I found it refreshing to see looks aren’t the only thing that matters on this site. Honesty, Generosity, and picking up the check are highly appreciated by the ladies. This site just has the decency to not beat around the bush about it.

  2. Quick Search

  It’s right there. Every time you press home you can search the marketplace and potentially find the right person for you. If you are traveling to a new state you can efficiently put that in the Quick Search and make your way down the list. The profiles are neatly demonstrated for your liking and you even have the option of sending a gift, a wink, or a friendly hello. You can sort the potential dating prospects by age, height, income, ethnicity, body type, religion, habits, and more.

  3. First Date Ideas

  First dates are awkward. Movies are out of the question but at least a million guys still have not figured that out yet. So many friends of mine struggle with where to take a girl on a first date. I personally like coffee and breakfast. Causal enough where you can be in and out, but also relaxed enough where you could take for hours. If you click on “First Date Ideas” on the site you are redirected to a page where ladies on the site actually give you their input. A feature I know my dad wish he had back when he first started dating my mom. My mom wasn’t a fan of bowling but my father insisted. Even got her some bowling shoes.

  4. Sugar Daddy Dating Advice

  This page should be shared to men all over the country. So many good tips on this page. From “how to dress,” all the way to “what photos to use on your profile.” This feature on the site comes in clutch when you are trying to maximize your potential and get the best first dates in the city! They even offer safety tips, basic tips, advanced dating tips, and my favorite first date tips.

  5. The Winner is Spark

  Spark is your destination for Hot or Not. Or “swipe right or left.” It is easy to use and a fun way to go through potential dates that are in your vicinity. It makes finding a date less challenging and I have found most of my success on that feature. I had to change my pictures up a few times but once I chose ones where I stopped trying to look “hot” I began connecting with girls on a more frequent basis.

  6. Layout & Site Design

  As soon as I signed up I was redirected to the home screen and I immediately was blown away by its smooth design. The format is set up similar to Facebook and the flow of the website is one that is user friendly. They don’t try and do too much and even spare you with “NO ADS OR POP UPS!” Hands down the best part of the site and there is a constant time line of latest activities from members so you have even more chances of seeing a girl that catches your eye!

  Just a Little Bit of Cons

  It takes money to make money, and this site does charge to upgrade your account as well as boost your profile so more people see it. Their slogan is “Number One Upscale Sugar Daddy Site” so I can’t be mad at that. It cost money to get a service as good as this one and I am cool with paying the money. The connection with real women is something you can’t put a price tag on. They give you different payment plan options. Hopefully you land a girl in 6 months and don’t have to re up!

  Membership Plans:

  1 month: $50

  3 months: $30 / month

  6 months: $24 / month

  You get a ton of benefits when upgrading your account.

  Improved chances by up to 500 percent

  Hide your profile selectively

  Enhanced privacy protection

  Initiate sending messages / chatting online

  Be viewed and contacted 20+ times

  Final Consensus

  This site is one I am grateful I have found! My dating life has changed substantially since becoming a member! I can’t tell you how many laughs, memories, and good meals I’ve had sitting across from a beautiful lady! I’ve had good experiences and I’ve had bad ones but SugarDaddyMeet keeps the pot full of options and make it a little bit easier for a guy like me to find a girl. Who knew with a few clicks of a button I could be a Sugar Daddy!