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[bkash cash earn money online]Attack on Eid Salaami!

  As Muslims are set to celebrate the biggest religious festival, some celebrations during the Eid-ul-Fitr may be missing – ‘Kolakuli’ after salah, visiting homes of near and dear ones, exchange of Eid cards and wearing new clothes to some extent are almost impossible, given the deadliest pandemic of this century.

  Of course, one of the most awaited things of Eid is the Eid salami or Eidi – gift in the form of money from the seniors/elders after offering salaam on the Eid day. Although a bit faded nowadays, millennials reminisce about securing eidis from each elder with much joy.

  Nevertheless, after salami comes the ‘Attack on Salami!’ How? You would earn some notes from your relatives through so many struggles and what not; and, in the end, your parents would ask you to hand over the money for safekeeping!


  Where did our hard-earned salami go? Let us be skeptical a bit. There might be an association by our parents where they are doing zoom meetings to figure out how to take our salami!

  “This tradition of giving salami feels joyous. Young folks gather round and make good plans before giving salam. They get excited over new notes and compare within themselves. It really is a special moment,” says Forkan Ahmed, businessman and father of two.

  While Mr. Forkan did nothing but offer a smile against the question of ‘safekeeping’ salami, Mrs Sahara Begum, a teacher at a school in Demra, Narayanganj, is pretty adamant about it.

  “What will they (children) do with so much money (chuckles)? It’s only logical that they give it to us (parents) so that they can withdraw them when necessary.”

  “I used to safekeep and my children are only upholding the tradition. It’s like we parents are their bank where they can open accounts!” Mrs Sahara burst into laughter while pretending to be the manager for her children’s bank account.

  Nevertheless, Mrs Sahara’s elder sister Samiha Sama, an SSC examinee, refuses to go by safekeeping tradition. “I revolt!” says Samiha, as she believes she is, “perfectly capable of taking care of own money. I open my own bank, mom can take loans if she wants.”

  Unlike Samiha, Jaber Hasan from Dhaka, a student of class 3, is really worried about his Eid salami. He can’t revolt though, but wishes to protect his rights by hook or by crook!

  “I will not fall for anything this time. Last year, I gave all my money to my parents, and they kept it at a bank. The bank never opened. What kind of bank is this?”

  On the other hand, Raisa Molla is eagerly waiting for Eid while fasting three times a day. Well, this grade 1 student from Dhanmondi is willing to fast on the Eid day too given that she gets the promise for a higher yield.

  So, this year we do not have to defend the wall and attack on titans like Eren, Mikasa, Armin or Levi. Rather we need to defend our annual income which comes in the form of salami from our parents, brace yourself comrades!

  Virtual salamis that come through bkash, nagad, rocket, upay, etc. might be difficult to be secured as there can be an excuse of not going out in the pandemic to cash out. There are solutions for this too. You can either make your own mobile wallet or buy something online by online payment so that you don’t have to withdraw the money.

  Zahidur Rabbi is a student of Mass Communication and Journalism at BUP.