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[sexy game sexy game]Sexy Beasts: Everything To Know About The Wacky Dating Show

  Netflix’s new dating show Sexy Beasts is getting mixed reactions based on its trailer. Sexy Beasts promises to be controversial, interesting, and odd.

  By Christopher Davis

  Published Jun 24, 2021



  Everyone is talking about Netflix’s?Sexy Beasts, which is the streaming platform’s?newest original reality series, and we’re ready to share information about the outlandish dating show. Following the craze around hit?wildcard reality series like?The Masked Singer, Netflix is turning heads with the trailer for the upcoming dating competition show. It masks contestants as various?”sexy beasts.”?From when to watch the wacky show to the Internet’s response to the trailer, we’ve gathered tons of interesting facts.

  Netflix released the trailer for?Sexy Beasts?season 1 on June 23, 2021. The trailer pitched a dating show that takes an unusual approach. It’s about finding a partner based on personality rather than appearance.?Love Is Blind did explore this angle, but Sexy Beasts?adds something new. The goal is to look past superficiality and form a meaningful connection. This is achieved by transforming the contestants into bizarre beasts.?From dolphins and panda bears to scarecrows and demons, each romantic participant has their own disturbing mask that requires a stellar emotional connection to look past. Additionally,?Netflix’s?Sexy Beasts?trailer revealed that there is a competition aspect to the series. It appears as though beasts will be forced to break hearts. They seem to have to ultimately choose only one of the contestants that they have dated.

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  While the trailer didn’t give too much away, there is plenty of information about the dating show that isn’t included in the sneak peek.?Sexy Beasts is narrated by actor, writer, and producer Rob Delaney. Rob is a comedian who is best known for his role in the television series?Catastrophe. He’s also appeared in films, including?Deadpool 2. It was also announced that Netflix ordered not one but two seasons of?Sexy Beasts. This indicates that Netflix executives believe in the unconventional dating show’s quality?and potential.?It may become the next big reality series.?Before it was adapted by Netflix,?Sexy Beasts?was a series on the same network as BBC’s hit show Time.?The first season is releasing on Netflix on July 21, with six 30-minute episodes. The second season is set to release with the same amount of episodes later in 2021.



  The people behind making?Sexy Beasts are confident that the reality dating series will deliver for viewers. However, people who’ve seen the trailer are leaving responses online that suggest otherwise. For starters, the title?Sexy Beasts?reminded?audiences?of the furry community. Members of the furry community enjoy dressing up in animal suits. The trailer featured humans in animal masks?talking about “interspecies relationships”?and calling each other “sexy beasts.” On the other hand, the trailer clarifies that the objective of the series is to form a connection?with another contestant in spite of their beast-like appearance. Nonetheless, viewers?were?baffled by the?Sexy Beasts trailer?because of?Netflix’s apparent embrace of a community that some people consider taboo.


  Netflix is taking a huge risk with?Sexy Beasts, but?the streaming service’s confidence in the dating show’s success is apparent. From their two-season order to?viewer’s?explosive online responses, the new reality series is already one of Netflix’s most memorable original properties.?For better or for worse, Sexy Beasts is poised to be the next great reality television sensation.

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