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[school of chaos]New traffic complaints from people living near Rochester’s Kings and St Andrew’s schools

  More residents have come forward to complain about school-run chaos in their neighbourhood.

  As reported on Monday, people living in an area of Rochester say they’re at the end of their tethers.

  Jo Murdoch-Goodwin led the petitionJo Murdoch-Goodwin led the petitionJo Murdoch-Goodwin led the petition

  They are furious at some “irresponsible” parents whose children go to the private King’s and St Andrew’s schools.

  They accused them of parking on double yellow lines, blocking driveways and driving the wrong way down a one-way street.

  Jo Murdoch-Goodwin, of St Margaret’s Street, said she and others are “subjected to misery on a daily basis”.

  This includes being forced to mount the kerb in her car to get past parked parents on her way to work and on her own school run.

  The 48-year-old has also launched a petition against King’s request to take over a residents’ parking bay.

  A map of the areaA map of the areaA map of the area

  The prestigious school wants this to become a loading area for deliveries between 8am to 7pm from Monday to Saturday.

  The mum-of-two said 60 people objected to the proposal as it will deprive them of being able park outside their homes.

  A decision has yet to be made on the application.

  She has complained officially to the school, suggesting there are alternative ways to solve the conjestion problem at peak times.

  These include using the school’s mini-buses or parking at nearby council car parks and walking the short distance to the site.

  King's School, RochesterKing's School, RochesterKing’s School, Rochester

  Meanwhile, neighbour Adam Green has also spoken of experiencing similar problems.

  He said: “There was one occasion when a parent stopped in the middle of the road and refused to move.

  ”When I pointed out it was illegal and dangerous, they replied they could afford to pay the fines.”

  The 58-year-old charity worker said there was another where a driver would not budge and he was 15 minutes late for work.

  He also recalled how an elderly neighbour missed a hospital appointment because their access was blocked.

  Cars parked on double yellows in Roebuck Road

  Previously, KentOnline reported on how a businessman living in an adjoining road was looking to move.

  He’d confronted drivers dropping off and picking up from King’s in King Edward Road and St Andrew’s School in Watts Avenue.

  Simon Johnson says he has been faced with a barrage of abuse, offensive gestures and, sometimes, aggressive behaviour.

  The Roebuck Road resident said: “They just don’t care, they think they are above everyone else.

  ”I’m no Victor Meldrew and I’m not being elitist – two of my children went to King’s.”

  Tom Morgan, headmaster of King's Rochester Preparatory SchoolTom Morgan, headmaster of King's Rochester Preparatory SchoolTom Morgan, headmaster of King’s Rochester Preparatory School

  Ward councillor Stuart Tranter lives nearby and has been approached by many with the same complaints.

  He is planning to meet representatives from the schools and council officers and is calling for drastic measures.

  He said: “I don’t think imposing residents’ parking only would make a difference.

  ”I think the only way to tackle this is to impose a 30-minute road closure at each end of the day with residents only allowed access.

  ”To stop the problem spilling into other roads, I would suggest drop-off points where children can join a walking bus.”

  St Andrews School, Watts Avenue, RochesterSt Andrews School, Watts Avenue, RochesterSt Andrews School, Watts Avenue, Rochester

  Both schools have responded to the problems, highlighting what they are doing and pointing out it is a highways issue.

  Problem parents are spoken to and members of staff work to make sure children are dropped off in a safe manner.

  They also pointed out that school-run issues are common at most schools in residential areas.

  King’s director of external relations, Kerry France, said: “We will be meeting with our local councillor this week to discuss potential sustainable solutions.

  ”With regards to the loading bay, we will look into this further and provide further information when available.”

  Cars parked on double yellows in Roebuck Road, RochesterCars parked on double yellows in Roebuck Road, RochesterCars parked on double yellows in Roebuck Road, Rochester

  Medway Council’s head of transport and parking, Michael Edwards, says enforcement officers do patrol outside schools.

  He said: “Illegal parking is not tolerated at any time of the day and a penalty charge notice will be issued.

  ”Parking restrictions are in place for the safety of motorists and pedestrians, and in areas where on-street parking is limited.”

  Residents can report parking issues by calling 07718 130962 between 7am and 1am, or by visiting this council website.

  As reported in March, Cllr Tranter was the subject of a police complaint following an alleged altercation near King’s.

  The investigation is still ongoing and the councillor denies wrongdoing.

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