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[mutant fighting cup 2 hacked]Switch Puts The Arcade Of Your Dreams In The Palm Of Your Hand


  1SuperWeirdSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Too bad there’s no folders to put all of these games in. I’ve purchased every Neo Geo game and many of the arcade classics, and it’s very annoying to not have any way to organize these games into folders.



  2SabrewingSat 2nd Jan 2021

  If only Sega AGES had focused more on classic arcade releases than on their already-rereleased-many-times titles like Sonic and Alex Kidd.



  3AndeeSat 2nd Jan 2021

  @SuperWeird folders would be great, or at least a way to manually sort games — right now mine go FF9/7/8…



  4HIGHscores85Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  My switch is an absolute arcade beast. See you on the highscore leaderboards.



  5idork99Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  cool feature!

  since the Wii, I’ve always appreciated how Nintendo gave players access to past hits via the virtual console although limited mainly to the games from their past consoles.

  with the Switch, I love that they have brought a ton of classics in their original arcade format! as a child who grew up in arcades in the 80’s, the Switch has become the arcade of my dreams in the palm of my hand!

  Continue? yes I will! (inserts virtual coin)



  6TheJamesHollanSat 2nd Jan 2021

  To complete the experience you can also pick up the Hori Real Arcade Pro V Hayabusa controller and the Myriann DIY hardwood arcade cabinet!



  7GwynbleiddSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Hamster’s ports are just great, they reminded me of all the time (and money) I spent playing Power Spikes II at the arcade room.

  @SuperWeird truer words!



  8JayJSat 2nd Jan 2021

  The Neo Geo collection was a dream come true for me, I always wanted those games but they were always insanely expensive to collect. Buying them all at $8 a pop was the ultimate bargain in comparison, I got the whole collection for less than a single original cartridge would cost me.



  9LordplopsSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Of course putting Mame and Retroach on it is the best way to play, you can even have !!!a folder!!! called ROMS too. Hacked Nintendo Switch does what Nintendon’t.



  10Burning_SpearSat 2nd Jan 2021

  I’ve bought a bunch of the Arcade Archives games and have not been the slightest bit disappointed. For me, the price is fine. I bought Bells & Whistles a few weeks ago and have been totally addicted. Thank you to Hamster for resurrecting these games so I can enjoy them in their original glory for the rest of my years.



  11w00dm4nSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Capcom Beat’em Up Bundle is pointless with the Capcom Arcade Stadium coming soon.

  Xbox needs to get these all on Game Pass

  Still don’t see why we don’t have the Vs Marvel series or the classic Mortal Kombat games on the Switch.



  12SeantheDon29Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  Now if we could only get Sega Dreamcast Classics on the Switch as well.



  13mr_bennSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Certainly a feature on the best arcade sticks to use on the Switch would be useful too? There are plenty of options and the new Hori Switch stick is coming out too. I use the Neo Geo Arcade Stick Pro (a nice bit of kit in its own right, especially with Hylo hack on it) with Seimatsu parts swapped in and running through MAGIC-NS. Having a weighty, clicky joystick and solid buttons really improves the experience for some of these games.



  14doctorhinoSat 2nd Jan 2021

  @Lordplops you bothered to hack your switch just to play roms you can play on any phone?

  Or to steal AAA switch titles?



  15AtlanteanManSat 2nd Jan 2021

  No question that thanks to Hamster, M2, and the various compilations mentioned in the article that the Switch has the best overall representation of arcade games of any console to date. That said, as the end of the article states, there are still many great and even iconic titles yet to be seen. Sadly, some of these may never be available again due to licensing and other issues. Just a few:

  Namco: Ms. Pac-Man, Xevious, Pole Position, Pole Position 2, Ridge Racer, Point Blank series, Tekken

  Sega: Zaxxon, Star Wars, Congo Bongo, Pengo, Super Star Wars Arcade, Daytona USA, Daytona USA 2, SCUD Racer, Afterburner, Virtua Fighter 2, Sega Rally Championship, Super Monaco GP, Out Run 2006, Super Hang-On

  SNK: Viewpoint

  Konami: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles, TMNT: Turtles in Time

  Capcom: Marvel vs. Capcom, Marvel vs. Capcom 2



  16sixringsSat 2nd Jan 2021

  2021… Where’s Raiden?



  17JLPickSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Would be really nice to have the option to put all of the games into folders. Would also be nice if themes would be added onto the Switch…it’s been black or white since launch, and you would think that after the 3DS had them, they’d add them over to the switch…i’d love to get a pikmin one for it!!!!



  18DesreverSat 2nd Jan 2021

  I would absolutely love Children of the Atom on the Switch. But I would lose it entirely if I had easy access to Marvel vs Capcom 2



  19Clyde_RadcliffeSat 2nd Jan 2021

  There’s certainly some arcade gems on Switch if you know where to find them (I love Puzzle Bobble) but to be honest I find most of the offerings a little bit TOO old and dated… :-/ I’d love to see more 90s/00s Sega and Namco games like Tekken, Ridge Racer, Daytoma, Virtua Cop, Crazy Taxi and others…



  20nhSnorkSat 2nd Jan 2021

  My own very first game ever bought on Switch was Waku Waku 7. Friendly pricetag towards the tighter gaming budget at the time and a quirky game I had once emulated on PC but obviously couldn’t access anywhere beyond my student years. Still one of my favourite fighters on the console, even in the presence of juggernauts like Smash Bros and Guilty Gear nowadays.

  I remember emulating The Revenge of Death Adder, too (tasked to write a fanzine article about it way back when), and it would be a damn high priority on my Switch wishlist indeed – how many games boast playable female centaurs in general, let alone beat’em ups? And now, after a namedrop in this feature and a quick search, I want The Outfoxies on Switch as well! But then again, I want pretty much everything on Switch, so who am I to talk?



  21GwynbleiddSat 2nd Jan 2021

  @Lordplops oh man, I’ve just made some popcorn and now I’m waiting for the reactions…



  22SwitchForceSat 2nd Jan 2021

  As long as I have internal or sd memory storage….which right now is getting tight and a 1tb might be in the works for my needs.



  23infernogottSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Don’t forget pinball games like the Williams games on Pinball FX 3. Those are arcade also



  24OorWullieSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Ikaruga is all about chaining black and white, not red and blue.



  25ZuljarasSat 2nd Jan 2021

  My favorite Neo-Geo game will always be Magician Lord.



  26BanjoPicklesSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Dang, I thought they were announcing folders, or a comprehensive arcade collection.



  27GilbertXISat 2nd Jan 2021

  I wish Sega would capitalize more on this arcade market for the switch. There’s some stuff, like the genesis classic collection, but barely anything saturn or dreamcast.



  28Gs69Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  Garou mark of the wolves is a superb choice I always think of it as SNKs sf3 3rd strike I have realised since reading this article I have so many arcade archives titles as others have said folders would be great



  29LordplopsSat 2nd Jan 2021

  @doctorhino an assumption of this day and age – some of us do not own mobile phones.



  30LordplopsSat 2nd Jan 2021

  @Gwynbleidd nobody cares – what I do with my Switch is my business, I’m not breaking any laws



  31Sooty68Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  @OorWullie Actually, Ikaruga is all about chaining red and blue, just like every other Treasure game with the exception of Radiant Silvergun where there’s 3 colours, red, blue and yellow.

  Look at the halo’s around the bullets in Ikaruga, they are red and blue.




  32GeraldSat 2nd Jan 2021

  It’s a shame Sega decided to stop Ages. With the continuing increase of install base, ‘Surely’ they would sell if the picked the right titles ? Or release some collections (Golden Axe collection, or AM2 collection, or something like that)

  Folders or any way of organising games would be nice.



  33SakuraHarukaSat 2nd Jan 2021

  I hope that Hamster may with any classic puzzles from Taito: The Puzzle Bubbles series, Cleopatra Fortune and Puchi Carat are my wishes.

  Also, It could be the possibility that some Arcade games from the mid 90’s and early 2000’s might be on Switch?, There are many games that I would like to play and remember: Cruin’s series, Cleopatra Fortune 2



  34OorWullieSat 2nd Jan 2021

  @Sooty68 I can honestly say I’ve never noticed that, despite owning the game on Dreamcast and Switch, spending 25 hours+ with it on the latter and taking part in 2 high score challenges with a few other NL members , the 2nd one currently ongoing. I’ll likely play it later tonight and will probably notice the blue /red instantly.



  35OorWullieSat 2nd Jan 2021

  @WaveWitch For me, the high score leaderboards and Caravan mode make the Hamster releases worth paying a little extra for. With most arcade games being all about high scoring, having those leaderboards means I know I’ll play them a lot more than if they were just bundled in a collection.



  36carlos82Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  Sadly Sega still ignore most of their best arcade efforts but yeah the Switch has a fantastic collection of arcade games overall and coupled with a good arcade stick is a lot of fun. Saturn is still my favourite for Arcade games overall with some shmups like Radiant Silvergun and Cotton 2 on there plus the likes of Power Drift, Sega Rally and the many fighting games. That said I do use my Switch primarily for the arcade games available



  37JDaviesSat 2nd Jan 2021

  I should get more old arcade titles, so far I’ve only got Turf Masters. It is awesome.



  38Ryu_NiiyamaSat 2nd Jan 2021

  One of the main reasons I love the Switch (and I am glad VC is gone) as the amount of arcade games we’ve gotten and their loving treatment is a dream come true. I wish for a few more Neo Geo games but we got the best so it’s more the fangirl in me than anything else.



  39smashboy2000Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  It should be added that Switch in handheld mode has the lowest input lag of all consoles, by far.

  OK it’s emulation and so it adds input lag. But far less than when played docked or on PS4/5 or Xbox consoles.

  And just for that, the Switch is a wonder. And it’s the best place to enjoy retro games that asks for precision, like arcade games. (best place is still the MiSTer but it’s a little less official ).



  40smashboy2000Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  @WaveWitch Input lag is the lowest on Switch in handheld mode.

  No developers back in the day imagined that those games would be played with input lag in the future.

  And so, difficulty for most of those games is based on responsiveness.

  It’s so important in arcade games that it makes the Switch the best official place to play arcade games, by far. In handheld mode.



  41GammaPhonicSat 2nd Jan 2021

  No arcade in my dreams doesn’t have Daytona USA.



  42JohnBlackstarSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Definitely, I agree that the Switch needs folder support. I would also encourage them to port Badge Arcade over and either let us move over our current badges from 3DS or I’m such a sucker that I would work to get badges again so I could put them on the folders. I’m also the guy that is fighting to get Miiverse back though. Pipe dreams…



  43Pak-ManSat 2nd Jan 2021

  I keep waiting for a little known arcade gem called Peter Pack-Rat. Nobody remembers it, and it hasn’t been ported since the Atari days, but it was a blast when I was a kid. I feel like it’s only a matter of time ’til Hamster gets its hands on it.



  44JugaSat 2nd Jan 2021

  Needs Marble Madness.



  45smashboy2000Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  @WaveWitch Tough question. The lag on Switch a big topic.

  In handheld mode, with joy-con attached, I don’t feel any lag and I’m very sensitiv to lag over 10ms.

  It’s a big surprise for me. I’m not a handheld gamer neither, like you, but I have to admit this configuration is awesome.

  With a Pro Controller, you’ll have more lag. It’s a bad wireless controller for lag, far more than the PS4 (which is good) and X1 (good too).

  With a wired Pro Controller… turns out you’ll have even more lag because the freaking Switch’s dock adds a lot of it !

  To answer your question honestly, the best place today to play arcade games if you’re not a handheld gamer enthusiast, is on a MiSTer FPGA linked on to CRT. It’s an amazing device with zero lag.

  I got a MiSTer FPGA for Christmas… and finally, I found back the feeling of the arcades in the 90’s. It’s awesome. Really. I own a PS5 and I found out myself playing more with the MiSTer than the PS5 those holidays



  46OorWullieSat 2nd Jan 2021

  @WaveWitch Caravan mode is my favourite way of chasing high scores as it only lasts for 5 minutes. With arcade games being as challenging as they are and me being the average skilled veteran that I am, even lasting for 5 minutes in most of them can be tough but at the same time,it’s doable. Provided you can see out the 5 minutes with a good run, racking up some score chains/ combos or whatever in the first few minutes, then earning a respectable place in the top 50 is likely. Which is a lot more motivating to keep me going than when I do a normal high score run, feel like I’ve done well, only to see I’ve just sneaked into the top 5000. Usually with a Japanese dominated top 100 and one player leading the way with a seemingly impossible score that I couldn’t get close to, even if I dedicated the rest of my life to trying.

  With just 5 minutes to play, even first place doesn’t seem too out of reach. I’ve managed to place in the top 10 in quite a few games and for a couple of weeks, was the 2nd best Sengoku 3 player, just missing out on first by a ball hair. Two more seconds and I’d have been top.

  As for input lag, it’s not something I really notice fortunately. I love the Psikyo shmups yet they were slated on here for having bad lag. Yet I just don’t notice it myself, even after being made aware of it.



  47smashboy2000Sat 2nd Jan 2021

  @OorWullie Most people don’t notice lag.

  But lag raises the difficulty of the game nonetheless, making them less enjoyable than there were supposed to be.

  As arcade games are made to be difficult by asking a lot of responsiveness from the player (to make him insert more coins), lag becomes a real issue if there’s a lot. Even if you don’t notice it.

  Luckily, Switch in handheld mode has practically zero lag.

  You really can enjoy old arcade games on it, as it was intended to.



  48GrailUKSat 2nd Jan 2021

  I’ll try to illustrate why I love the Switch. Aside from Nintendo’s first party stuff being on fire this gen;

  My fave arcade game: Bomb Jack

  My fave Master System game: Wonder Boy Dragon’s Trap

  My fave Megadrive game: Warsong

  My fave Dreamcast game: Ikaruga

  My fave PS1 game: G-Darius

  My fave PS2 game: Katamari Damacy

  My fave Gamecube game: Super Monkey B- yeaah, not that one.

  It’s library is absolutely amazing. And continuing to grow!

  (Full disclaimer: my fave can change from day to day lol!)



  49GwynbleiddSat 2nd Jan 2021

  @Lordplops nah it’s more likely that they didn’t notice you. Anyway, I’m usually more inclined to see the freedom to do what you want with what you buy positively, but there wouldn’t be much gain in this gaming context. The real victory would be to make Nintendo understand that their closed-mindedness is wrong. But they’re too scared to do the first step in that direction.



  50IllusionSun 3rd Jan 2021

  I have a slew of Arcade, Atari, NES, SNES, Genesis, and NEOGEO games on my Switch. Absolutely love revisiting them whenever and wherever I please. Looking forward to the new Capcom collection and anything else they send our way.



  51HollowSpectreSun 3rd Jan 2021

  So… Switch good? Yay!



  52DazzleSun 3rd Jan 2021

  Yakuza series has entered the chat…



  53JugaSun 3rd Jan 2021

  The Switch is definitely an arcade beast, that will get better with Capcom’s upcoming additions. I hope Warner Bros and Activision attempt something similar with Midway’s arcade history.



  54AtlanteanManSun 3rd Jan 2021

  Can’t believe I forgot about Midway. They need a compilation on Switch ASAP, from Marble Madness, Root Beer Tapper, Joust, and Defender to Hydro Thunder and Mortal Kombat.



  55MoistnadoSun 3rd Jan 2021

  Virtual console on Wii was better.



  56nessisonettSun 3rd Jan 2021

  I wish Sega Ages had continued just for Dreamcast games. And honestly, I’ve played more arcade games in Yakuza and Shenmue than outside of them!



  57GamingDude800Sun 3rd Jan 2021

  I’ve heard Android has been doing this since forever!



  58ZebetiteSun 3rd Jan 2021

  MAME exists, folks. Just saying.



  59masterLEONSun 3rd Jan 2021

  With the help of HAMSTER and the ACA NEOGEO and Arcade Archives lineup, Capcom, SEGA, M2, ZeroDiv, G-Mode, Inti-Creates, Johnny Turbo, NAMCO (though, what have you done for us lately, NAMCO?) and others, also shout-outs to Farsight Studios and Zen Studios (I suppose) for thier Pinball contibutions, the Switch probably has the most comprehensive classic arcade lineup of any single console with only a couple major gaps of support (like NAMCO, again, and Midway). Companies are willing to rework and add-on enhancements to those games like some have already (like SEGA AGES) and that’s great. 20 years ago, I never thought that would happen, and the most we’d ever see is NAMCO Museum and an occasional Atari compilation.

  @Moistnado WiiVC was crap, for arcade games (console was definitely better). They had a very limited number of games in the west (about 21), and we never got the full lineup that Japan had, either.

  @GamingDude800 Unofficially, yes.

  @Zebetite Yes, MAME exists, and that’s it. For me, this isn’t the late 90’s and 2000’s anymore, and I’m not exactly broke anymore, either. The reason I needed to turn to MAME back then was that the games’ creators weren’t interested in making them available or the official prices were ridiculous (NEOGEO, for example). Now, after a couple decades of compilations and companies like HAMSTER getting involved, the games I want to play are being rereleased, they’re getting some minor modern updates (online leaderboards, museum content, etc.), they’re getting fixed (Contra and Zero Team for example), rare and “lost” games are seeing the light of day (Sky Skipper), and they’re affordable. None of that would have happened if we all turned to emulation. That said, I’m not exactly opposed to it, either. But MAME is now only here to fill in the gaps where licensing can’t be overcome or for those really, really niche games that have next to no chance of getting rereleased. And that’s pretty much it.



  60Ghost_of_HasashiSun 3rd Jan 2021

  Now if only we had those Midway arcade games on there too, really missed games like Hydro Thunder, Mortal Kombat 1-4, Gauntlet 1 & 2, San Francisco Rush, Cruis’n, MACE: The Dark Age, Killer Instinct 1 & 2, Primal Rage 1 & 2, Xenophobe, NARC, NBA Jam and Tournament Edition, WWF WrestleMania Arcade, etc.



  61durrSun 3rd Jan 2021

  My switch is hacked and im currently playing Dreamcast and Naomi arcade games on it.

  It really is awesome.



  62K0T0GSun 3rd Jan 2021

  The beat ‘em up bundle should be on this list smh



  63Tristan_MistenSun 3rd Jan 2021

  @SuperWeird If the games are from the same publisher, I believe there’s a way to sort games by that in the Switch’s All Apps tab.



  64ZebetiteSun 3rd Jan 2021

  @masterLEON Just keep in mind that the people who actually made these retro games aren’t making a dime off of these ports and remasters. The money from your purchase goes to corporations and third parties. If you want to purchase these games on modern platforms, you have every right to, but whether or not emulation is used has zero impact on the decision to port these games, aside from spawning lawsuits when a company doesn’t want the competition. Hi Sega! Hi Nintendo!



  65JaxonHSun 3rd Jan 2021


  I think what they’re saying is, if everyone turned to emulation, nobody would be buying the games. And if nobody is buying the games, the games won’t get made (companies don’t make products that don’t sell enough, and every sale lost affects both revenue and opportunity cost of development).

  I don’t think they’re concerned about who gets the money. The company that currently owns the property and contracts the re-release gets the money… as they should.

  Most of us, @masterLEON and myself included, quit emulating because we don’t need to steal anymore. We have jobs and can afford to buy what we want now. It’s one thing when it’s a game never localized that gets an English fan translation, or a game we already bought on the most recent hardware it’s sold on that we simply want the convenience of playing on different hardware it’s not sold on, but there’s really no reason to emulate games that are sold on a currently supported console’s storefront. Not only is it the right thing to do to support these companies, it provides a hassle free way of playing on Switch without needing to jump through hoops with hacking and worrying about online, etc.

  Most of us emulate to some extent (for me it’s convenience of playing my GameCube and Wii library in HD from SSD and English versions of Japan only Fire Emblem games)- I hacked my 3DS and had hundreds of SNES/GBA VC games on it, but I’d purchased each and every one that was actually sold on the Wii U/3DS eShop. The rest simply weren’t for sale.

  But now, I don’t even wanna mess with it. Emulators have started to feel ghetto. Once you’re working and have an income, the allure of not buying games you want for a few bucks and have properly on Switch without hacking needed just fades away.


  I have the Hori Pro V Hayabusa arcade stick. Bought it specifically to play Ultra Street Fighter II, and it’s glorious. I don’t care what anyone says. That’s my favorite Street Fighter game of all time- I LOVE the HD graphics and art style, and Super Street Fighter 2 was already my favorite in the series.



  66gameboy1975Sun 3rd Jan 2021


  Lol for real though. I just shook my head. And yeah, if anything it’s probably more about the latter and stealing LOL



  67PapichuloSun 3rd Jan 2021

  It lags like my grandma on the highway so no thanks I’ll stick to my wired X-Arcade and Razer Kishi with ZER0 lag and basically infinite games



  68TheJamesHollanSun 3rd Jan 2021

  @JaxonH I’ve been wanting one for a long time, but unfortunately I can’t afford any controllers other than the ones that my Switch came with.



  69matdubSun 3rd Jan 2021

  Don’t insert that coin! My daughter put a 50 cent piece into the game slot of her ds and it stopped working thereafter.



  70TheWingedAvengerSun 3rd Jan 2021

  The Switch gets awesome arcade games from a vraiety of sources: Arcade Archives, Neo Geo Archives, Sega Ages, SNK 40th Anniversary Collection, Capcom Beat-’em-Ups Bundle, Konami Arcade Collection, Atari Flashback Collection (although this last one is no longer available digitally in Russia where I am).

  Through these, you can easily put together an awesome, portable hundred-game arcade.



  71RadioHedgeFundSun 3rd Jan 2021

  Yeah, a seaside Arcade machine with battered joysticks and an ‘out of order’ sign across the screen.



  72molkomSun 3rd Jan 2021

  I clicked the link to the first recommended Arcade Archives games out of two, City Connection, and saw it got a 3/10 review on here. Makes me wonder about the not recommended games Or is the version nestled within here a much better port?



  73Moroboshi876Sun 3rd Jan 2021

  It’s great for people like me, who has the age for having experienced the arcades but for some reason never (or almost never) went, and feels that odd nostalgia anyway.

  Of course there are Raspberry and Chinese handheld solutions, but there’s something in paying for an official and legal release that I find appealing.



  74cheesedudeSun 3rd Jan 2021


  The NES version got 3/10 as the controls are awful. The arcade version plays and performs much better.



  75zoolSun 3rd Jan 2021

  Yes the Switch is a great console for all sorts of games, including retro and arcade.

  But it does not have duel screen or 3d. It does not have the look, style or portability of the DS.

  And it struggles to display new games like Immortals Fenyx Rising or the new Hyrule Warriors. And it can’t match a smartphone for playing basic games like chess and hundreds of other games, because a smartphone will always be more pocketable.

  The Switch is great but so is the smartphone and the PS5, depending on what you like playing.



  76VideoGamesAreFunSun 3rd Jan 2021

  i actually bought the switch just for arcade games first, everything else second.

  my FIRST game i immediately bought was DOUBLE DRAGON (surprised no mention of this in the article or comments as it was a massive hit in summer of ’87!)

  i also just bought shinobi sega ages and the ages mode is amazing with 5 second rewind and the white costume as well as stage select. i bought heavy barrel too and that game is terrible. you get to use the weapon the game is named for maybe about 1 minute out of the whole game, on top of the gameplay being extremely repetitive and long, almost as bad as ikari warriors on NES



  77VideoGamesAreFunSun 3rd Jan 2021

  @w00dm4n is this download only? or can we buy a physical copy in the store?



  78KIROSun 3rd Jan 2021

  Enjoyable piece. No mention of one of my faves and the reason I went and bought a Flip Grip (nice kit by the way): Moon Cresta!

  Old school for sure but I have fond memories of discovering the arcade machine on holiday one year and spent as much time with it as I did on the beach



  79glaemaySun 3rd Jan 2021

  ESP Ra.De. Psi isn’t even available on the eshop in my region. And the retail version is too expensive.



  80FrabaSun 3rd Jan 2021


  If I had the brains I would use Mister for emulation but I don’t know the first thing about programing, roms and configuration. So I very much love the nintendo switch for my retro gaming needs. Does it have all the game titles I want to play? Of course not!!! But the games I can play is all configured and I can play and go without any problems. If Hamster is reading these message boards please release Konami Jackal and Taito Rastan as I don’t think you will run into licensing issues.



  81masterLEONSun 3rd Jan 2021

  @Zebetite A cut of the money goes to whoever owns the IP at the moment, that’s how licensing works. Double Dragon, Renegade, Super Dodge Ball, etc. goes to Arc System Works, for example. Konami, SNK, and Nintendo get a cut for their own games, obviously. HAMSTER themselves actually own several defunct Japanese IPs including Nihon Bussan (Nichibutsu), UPL, and Video System, so they pocket all those sales. See, the money’s not going to unknown 3rd party companies at all. And Capcom, SEGA, NAMCO, and now Taito, while not going through HAMSTER, have released/will release their own games, some with the help of 3rd party specialists like M2 and Digital Leisure. Still, the current companies holding the IPs get a cut. Even in the case of Arcade1UP. They had to get contracts with all the IP owners of the licensed games they’re putting out for their discrete cabinet format. Marvel, Capcom, SEGA, Atari, Nickelodeon, Konami, Raw Thrills, Namco, and Warner Bros., for example.

  Like I said, I’m not against emulation. It was necessary to keep the interest alive in old games when the original companies weren’t interested or dead. Now, most of those companies see that interest is growing, and are now being more open to rereleasing that content. And that relieves some of the dependency we have on emulation for those games. Unless, that is, you prefer MAME’s filters and netplay, or lower input latency. Or that you don’t want to vote with your wallet by supporting the current IP holders, then that’s up to you.

  What company’s games are you interested in seeing rereleased that isn’t tied to licensing hell? Or super stingy IP holders like SquareEnix (Taito), NAMCO, and Midway (Warner Bros.)?

  @TheWingedAvenger Where is Atari Flashback not available, EU? It’s currently on sale in NA (jeez $15.99, 4 bucks less than what I got it for).



  82Jbarnes101Sun 3rd Jan 2021

  I’d love to see Wrestlefest, X-Men, Simpson’s, and the Capcom vs games but they might never come. One game I haven’t played in forever, another rights issue, is Popeye. Still, the arcade scene on Switch is wonderful and thanks to many publishers making them available. Now if only Nintendo could do something about their virtual console situation.



  83BlubberWhaleSun 3rd Jan 2021

  One of the best things about the Switch. Nice job highlighting it with this article.



  84T_Rod28Sun 3rd Jan 2021

  @SuperWeird I literally said the same thing on a different post. I’ve been wanting folders organization since launch. I don’t understand why this hasn’t happened yet. Every other past Nintendo console or handheld has had this option.



  85tseliotMon 4th Jan 2021

  @doctorhino Why not both?



  86electrolite77Mon 4th Jan 2021

  Great article. The Switch is a dream device for Retro Gaming, whether it be old Arcade or Console games. The flexibility is again key. Other systems also play these games on the big screen but with Switch you can utilise the low input lag of Handheld mode, the easy flip to TATE mode, and the systems ability to accept lots of different Controllers.



  87TheWingedAvengerMon 4th Jan 2021


  Wow, I had no idea Atari was discriminating against Europe. I’ll have to correct my previous post. On the e-shop here, there is no Atari Flashback for the Switch. I live in Moscow, so I suppose I’m looking at the European e-shop. But for all I know there might be a separate one for Russia. Anyway, I wonder why they made the game unavailable for certain countries. Atari never had success with a console in Russia, but there are a lot of fans of classic games here nowadays. Just to make sure, I searched using just a single word – first just “Atari” and then just “flashback” – but the game just isn’t on our version of the e-shop.



  88MgalensMon 4th Jan 2021

  @Moistnado Virtual console on wii was something special, while it had some issues such as 50hz games being released on the eu store and iirc no controller rebinding like the wiiu one, but it had such a big library of systems with decent support, the fact that you could use sonic and knuckles lock on feature was great too (makes me wish gba games on wiiu vc allowed for some form of link feature like golden suns save transfers)

  Compared to it i feel the nes and snes NSO apps are dissapointing, the main reason for me being no option to purchase and “keep” the games.

  in terms of how retro game purchases were handled i loved how the ps3/psp/vita handled things, where games purchased could be downloaded and played on to any system your account was tied to (though for some reason the crash and spyro games weren’t supported on us vita accounts but were with eu)

  on the flipside i am happy with the retro collections we have been seeing such as the mana collection, the megaman ones, the assorted konami ones and recently the SaGa collection, some of them even have limited edition physical versions. I would have loved to have seen similar releases by nintendo though i wasnt the biggest fan of the whole “limited release” thing theyve been doing in terms of digital releases (Fire emblem and 3d all stars) where the games are delisted after a certain time with no info on whether they will be available separately and the only reason given being that “theyre anniversary games” (which several other collections have been and not had their digital versions removed) Not the end of the world by any means but somewhat of an odd choice.



  89doctorhinoMon 4th Jan 2021

  @Lordplops Uh…. not sure what to say about that one. If you own a switch and not a mobile you are a very small percentage or very young.



  90masterLEONMon 4th Jan 2021

  @TheWingedAvenger Man that sucks. There’s no point to not release it over there, even if it’s a matter of translating menus and stuff it’s still leaving money on the table. I even checked my JP account and it’s not there, either.

  It’s cool that there are people over there interested in retro gaming, though. I’m kind of jealous that they get to experience those games at an older age. I wish I was a few years older when I first played Pac-Man or Galaga in 1980. I’d have a more detailed memory of those experiences.



  91MoistnadoTue 5th Jan 2021

  @Mgalens agreed, I do not want to rent old roms. The best way to beat piracy is with convenience and ease of purchase. At present I play my roms on my hacked snes mini but it would have been simpler, quicker and more convenient to buy them. As for Sony, I loved finding a couple of old psp and ps4 cross play gems ready to download when I got a vita. It cost Sony nothing and it stopped me hacking the system to install “backups” of what I paid for in the past. Nintendo should use old purchases to maintain customer loyalty, and make more new games.



  92Moroboshi876Tue 5th Jan 2021

  I gotta add that the releases I’m always more excited about on my Switch are retro titles, especially Arcade Archives ones. Also physical collections of classic titles, but those don’t appear on a weekly basis.

  When I was a kid I knew about games I couldn’t possibly own, and better yet, I didn’t knew about a lot of titles I discovered over the years, even now, and that’s great, and the Switch is great for that.



  93PickleTron200Fri 8th Jan 2021

  I think terry boguard is from neogeo



  94molkomFri 8th Jan 2021


  Thanks for this – glad to hear that’s the case

  And Moroboshi, that’s a good point. I agree that some retro releases are great for that “couldn’t get as a kid, now finally!” feeling. Or titles at the arcade that just cost too much but all you really wanted was to just keep playing (Sega Rally 2 was one such game for me and some other racing titles).


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