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Biomutant 2.03 update is out and it is a small fix for stability issues on PlayStation 4 and PlayStation 5. It is a role-playing game wherein a player controls a biochemically mutated animal and survives through the storyline based in the post-apocalyptic world. The open-world in Biomutant is very detailed and beautiful, as stated by many experts. However, the combat controls and story elements seem to be a little repetitive. Read more to know Biomutant 2.03 update latest patch notes.?

The developers have released Biomutant 2.03 update. However, there are no Biomutant Update 2.03 patch notes released.?^We just released a small hotfix for #Biomutant on PlayStation to address the increasing number of stability issues after patch 1.4 on PlayStation 4 Pro and PlayStation 5. ̄ – say Biomutant developers on Twitter, as they announced the new Biomutant update. The new patch was launched on June 9 and is available for all PlayStation users to download.?

However, after the hotfix, a lot of players are reporting issues with the graphics of the game. A lot of people took on to social media platform Twitter to reach out to Biomutant developers regarding the same. From what it looks like, the hotfix has downgraded the resolution of the game from 4K to 1080p, and a lot of fans are left disappointed as they were enjoying the game on large 4K monitors.?

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@Biomutant the latest ps5 patch has downgraded the resolution again. Please put it back as it looked brilliant before this newest hotfix. Thank you!

! Horrorbadger (@hubertbadger) June 9, 2021

@JeremyPenter just so you¨re aware. The ^hotfix ̄ pushed the fixed 4K visuals now back before the previous patch so they look like a blurry smudged dreams game on a PS5 on a 4K screen. It¨s BAD.

! Nick (@ngunsnz) June 10, 2021

THQ Nordic, the publisher of Biomutant published a press release on June 7, releasing the Biomutant update 1.4 and detailed patch notes along with it. It is one of the latest updates of Biomutant and has fixed the memory allocation alignment issue on PlayStation 4 to avoid crashes. Additionally, the update also fixed AMD-based CPUs’ crash issue. Other than that, the tutorial area has received major updates such as early enemy encounters, trenches near Jagni Fortress have received loot, and some dialogues and camera presentations have been removed. A lot of bugs have been fixed since the launch of Biomutant, as it was launched with a lot of issues.

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